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As Cisionpoint announced its changeover for its UK clients to the new Vuelio system, I investigated how these new changes measured up.

If you’re an existing user of Cisionpoint under the Vuelio brand, you’re probably well aware of the system’s new permanent changes.

Cision UK was first acquired by Al Media Intelligence in June 2015. Since then, the UK business was rebranded as Vuelio. Now, the PR software company have announced changes to permanently move all its customers over to Vuelio software.  Following the news of the software changeover, Vuelio has claimed the migration is “better suited to today’s PR” as a brand new platform with greater functionality than before.

At a first glance of the new homepage, I was thoroughly impressed. The layout has many more bells and whistles compared to Cision- but what about the features?

No web software is perfect- and in my opinion Cision is pretty effective.

In fact, let’s discuss some the pros of our soon-to-be departed friend CisionPoint:

Layout – It’s nothing to get overly excited about, but it is easy to use.

Navigation- When building media lists, you don’t need frills, you need functionality. Cision brought that to the table. You simply select what you’re looking for, where in the world you wish to find it and what it is.

Accuracy- Cision also gives you the options to further filter out responses to your requests, should you decide you want more tailored search results. It’s a nice feature that helps you build a more succinct list.


List building-  It’s as simple as selecting your search results, naming it and saving it to the Cision database. Alternatively, you could export your lists as a PDF or Excel file to save to your device. A pretty considerate feature that enables offline access to your lists.

Profiles – For further detail on a specific outlet or journalist, you simply click their name and you have their profile. It’s complete with tags, further outlet statistics and a list of outlet and journalist social media details. Again, it’s a very considerate feature that saves us PR pros time and energy tracking down added bits of information.

Analytics-  You do have the option to view coverage and analytics metrics.

All in all, Cision gets the job done. When it comes to covering the basics to aide PR campaigns, it’s very reliable software.

So, What’s New?

Now, enter the future. Creators of the new Vuelio system say they have “looked hard at client’s current needs….and prioritized and developed functionality accordingly.”

At a first glance of the new system through their online training course, I could see the obvious change in functionality straight away.

All Vuelio’s main functions have now been moved to a handy drop down menu on the left-hand side of the page. This might not seem like much but this new menu displays more options for your campaign than the previous Cision layout.

The advanced search feature has also been given a makeover. Vuelio has added a new search bar feature to help further narrow down your searches. For example, you can type in the topic + location +type of journalist you’re after. Again, a small change that will make acquiring information that much more efficient.

Vuelio advanced search

The Important Changes

Delving further into the introductory webinars, I admit I grew increasingly skeptical about some of the changes. I felt a lot of them were unnecessary and quite frankly, wouldn’t perform to the standard of other software I was used to.

If you want to measure web traffic, Moz is available. Want to know a site’s domain authority to see whether it was worthwhile for a client, Ahrefs and Buzzsumo give me more than enough information.

As for distributing press releases, don’t most people email?  There are already tools in place for these, what could Vuelio possibly do to improve the user experience?

Well, here are some of those changes and additions that Vuelio has made to their system:

  • Sending out press releases – Vuelio has replaced the old Cision points system. You are now free to send out as many as you want.
  • Status check – You can check to see who has opened your press release, as well as update the status of your sent content.
  • Incoming request management tools –  You can now search for journalist and bloggers social media, and measure their activity.
  • Influencer metrics – With this feature, you can now track a media outlet’s web traffic, and find their domain authority (powered by Moz).
  • Shopping cart functionality- This has been added in for a simpler, more effective list building experience.
  • Collaborative working tools- Multiple users can now draft and comment on press releases.

Do the Changes Compare?

Nothing has been removed, but it’s all been built upon instead. The old features have been efficiently improved to create an all-inclusive site.  Attention has been paid to even the smallest details e.g. status checks have been included for a more efficient experience.

To make the changes clearer, here they are outlined:

Cision Vuelio List

To Conclude

And with the introduction to those new and improved features, I quickly understood its significance. Vuelio has added a feature that was missed completely by Cision- intuition.

These changes create a natural user experience for PR professionals. Vuelio has succeeded in catering for a start-to-finish strategy.

Will these updates make your other PR/marketing tools obsolete? Probably not. PR professionals will benefit from the overall performance efficiency that Cision didn’t quite have. It might take some time for users to get comfortable implementing its full capabilities within an entire campaign but it has undoubtedly gone to new lengths to improve customer experiences.

But don’t just take my word for it. If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the new Vuelio system, you can attend the Vuelio training sessions free of charge, and experience it for yourself!

Have you already started using the new Vuelio system? What are your thoughts on the new changes? I’d love to know!

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