Our international SEO team representing seven cultures (Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, India, Sweden and the USA) is celebrating the European Day of Languages on 26 September.

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Team Hallam has a strong portfolio of international projects, and Susan will be speaking on international social media marketing at the UKTI Explore Export event on 11 November 2015.  Her workshop is entitled the Encyclopaedia of Social Media Marketing

Team Hallam works on a wide range of international projects addressing the following markets: UAE, Saudi and Turkey, as well as serving clients based in Ireland, the United States, Germany, and France.

Our international markets include international search marketing, pay for performance, and social media.  Having a team with an international perspective, international language skills, and expertise in international digital marketing enables us to deliver successful campaigns.

Take advantage of our wide range of international digital marketing content that we have published:

International SEO Checklist

Planning a Search Engine Friendly Website for International Markets

Global Search Engine Optimisation Guide (PDF)

Susan Hallam says: “The richer the mix, the more fertile the ground of creativity, from which success and recognition will follow. At Hallam, we do most of our hiring processes to focus on talent as well as a cultural fit. We have experienced that when we mix the two, innovation and creativity will flourish. An organisation with a diverse, creative community is highly competitive, vibrant and ultimately very successful.

“Encouraging everyone to bring their own particular life experience to work— no matter their educational background, age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political views, social status, national origin, or position in the organisational ladder – dramatically increases the quantity and quality of ideas that emerge. And for us that’s a proven bonus.”

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