Shaping the future of digital marketing: our collaboration with the University of Nottingham’s 3DI

Posted on 25/11/2021 by Anna Murphy

We’re delighted to announce our latest collaboration with the University of Nottingham’s Data Driven Discovery Initiative, 3DI

3DI was launched by the UoN’s Faculty of Social Sciences in January 2021, focusing on leveraging and advancing Nottingham’s existing strengths in sectors such as financial services, legal services, and digital and creative services via research in data science and digital technology. By collaborating with us, the 3DI initiative can now further connect the UoN’s student pipeline to industry experiences, as well as developing research and thought leadership content.

Theory meets practice

Dr Benjamin Lucas, Managing Director at 3DI, said: “We are delighted to collaborate with Hallam, a true leader in the digital marketing space, and to have rapidly developed new programmes of activity including student placements, research, thought leadership and industry commentary content, and a showcase event in December, a foundation upon which we can build in the future as the collaboration scales.

“In collaborating with Hallam, we have been especially delighted by their dedication to best-practice in digital ethics and data privacy – principles we, as researchers, very much share, as well as their interest in bringing scientific evidence-based insights into their highly-innovative client solutions.”

The collaboration will focus on the development of applied data science capabilities as well as the advancement of business and sector transformation against a backdrop of new technologies, changing digital regulatory environments and consumer needs and preferences.

Jake Third, our Managing Director, said: “We are incredibly excited to collaborate with the University of Nottingham to tackle some of the biggest questions in marketing. The team at 3DI comprises some of the sharpest intellects in this field and I am confident that our collaboration will be a rich source of innovation, thought leadership and capability.”

Student opportunities

Our latest collaboration with the University of Nottingham also represents a step forward in 3DI’s pioneering “solution-based” teaching and learning philosophy, where students are given opportunities to collaborate with leading organisations as part of their studies.

Steve Vaccarini, Faculty Placements Manager at the University of Nottingham’s Faculty of Social Sciences, said: “We are very excited to be providing two of our students with placement opportunities at Hallam in marketing strategy and data science during November-December. The University of Nottingham is actively innovating in the content it teaches, and it is great to find a match between what our students can do and the areas in which Hallam is innovating. The Faculty of Social Sciences offers a number of highly innovative BSc and MSc programmes, and it is always wonderful to see students developing their skills and experience through real-world projects like this as an extension of their studies with us.”

Join our next event

With so much change in the air, it’s unsurprising that many of us within the marketing world are questioning what the future of marketing will look like. Recent evolution in the marketing sector include the shift to a “post-cookie” world, content consumption trends that continually shift, challenges around how to best integrate new analytics tools and data science techniques into industry research, and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on overall consumption patterns. Balancing these challenges are major opportunities, including new ways to build and guarantee consumer trust, and the concept of ‘data for good’. 

Synthesising ideas from theory and practice, join our panel discussion featuring representatives from Hallam, 3DI and the University of Oxford, at our next event. Being held at Lakeside Arts, University Park, University of Nottingham, our “The Future of Marketing” event will also be streamed. 

Join us on 13th December for drinks, snacks and chats about the future of our industry. Click here to register.

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Shaping the future of digital marketing: our collaboration with the University of Nottingham’s 3DI

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