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It’s always made sense to put your company details on your website and on your emails – but now it’s the law.

If you’re a company in the UK then you need to update both your website and your email signature files now, or you will breach the Companies Act and risk a fine.

The First Company Law Amendment Directive came in on 1 January 2007, and you’re now required to put the following information on both your website and business emails:

  • your company registration number
  • place of registration (such as England and Wales)
  • registered office address.

In addition, on your website you also need to include:

  • Your company name, postal address and company email address
  • The name of any trade bodies or professional associations that the business is part of, including membership or registration details.
  • Your VAT number, even if the website is not being used for e-commerce transactions.
  • Any prices on the website must clearly state whether they are inclusive or exclusive of tax and delivery costs .

All of this information only needs to be on your website once, for instance on your Contact Us page, or your Terms and Conditions.

OutLaw.com has a very useful article giving you the information you need.

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