We’re delighted to announce our plans to launch a new service: our Competitor Spy Report.

A number of our clients have requested a comprehensive analysis of what their competitors are doing.  They want a better understanding of what the threats are to their business, and also want to spot the opportunities to be making more money.

Using a range of proprietary tools gathering data from a number of sources, and good old fashion brain power, we are able to analyse:

  • what keywords your competitors are targeting, both for search engine  rankings and also for pay per click advertising
  • their SEO strategy
  • why they are ranking as well as they are
  • where they are getting inbound links from
  • how well they are using social media tools like Twitter and LinkedIn and Facebook
  • how they are getting more customers and generating leads
  • what you should be doing now to have a better website, better rankings, and better engagement with your customers

If you are trying to grow your business, the first step is to understand the competitive landscape

The report is designed to give you a legal and  ethical advantage over your competitors providing your with information you need to help you make strategic decisions for your organisation.

You will discover how your website fares as compared against your competitor’s website.  And you will get fresh ideas for your own web development, optimisation, and social media marketing activities.

Do you really know what your competitors are doing on the Internet?

And do you know what you should be doing to keep ahead of the rest of your competitors?

Launch: Business 2012 conference and exhibition

This is just a sneak preview.  We will be launching this new service at the Business 2012 exhibition taking place in London at the 02 arena, 18th to the 20th March.

Come along to our stand where you can win a Competitor Spy Report.

Click here to learn more about Business 2012, book your free ticket, and also register to attend my free seminar “30 tips in 30 minutes.”



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  1. What an excellent idea and something that has been missing for a long time. The potential is tremendous.

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