newspapers and contentQuality content is essential to the delivery of any internet marketing campaign. With Google algorithms now smarter and stricter than ever, the old cliché ‘content is king’ has never been more accurate.

Well produced content has the ability to perform several functions which both satisfy visitors and search engines. Useful, engaging content can lead to higher website rankings, traffic and conversions – so it’s essential that both thought and time go into devising a content strategy.

Produce content for users

In order for content to perform well in search engines it must be optimised, however, the first priority should the end user. Content must be well written, formatted and free of grammatical errors.

Be direct and clear with the messages you wish to convey and include the most important statements towards the top of your posts and pages – ensure that your readers understand the main benefits of taking your suggested actions.

Optimising your content for search engines

As previously mentioned, good content can serve multiple functions, and whilst the priority is to inform and satisfy the demands of your users, thought also needs to be placed into the optimisation of your copy so that it can perform well in the search engines.

Creating quality, well-optimised content can benefit internet marketing strategies in several ways:

–          It can be used to ensure that desired target keywords are placed into content correctly which in turn improves rankings.

–          It can be used to prompt calls to actions and move visitors around the site to a point of conversion.

–          It can be used to create content that is likely to be shared on social media and bookmarking sites.

–          It can attract useful and valuable links from authoritative sources within your niche.

What constitutes towards content?

Content can be more than just the pages and posts on your website and can take up many different forms. Social media updates, press releases and rich media such as video, photo and audio are also considered as content.

Promoting your content

There are several mediums on which content can be promoted, but a self-hosted blog is the linchpin to any internet marketing strategy. A blog allows you to create content for your site on a consistent basis, which in turn helps to build trust, rankings and traffic.

A well-devised blogging strategy can help you to promote your company voice, delivering key business messages as well as attracting traffic and links from external sources. Your efforts can then be enhanced with the promotion of your content via social media channels.

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