Facebook Timeline Movie - Hallam SEOUpdate: 5 February 2014

As Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday, it has launched a new service to create a video of your timeline:Facebook Look Back.

This post originally reviewed the Timeline Movie Maker App which does not appear to be working any longer.

Looks like you need to be using Look Back instead now.

We have tried it with our Hallam company page, and the video functionality doesn’t appear to work in the same way it works for a company page.


You might have seen this video on our Facebook Page recently. (If you’ve not seen it, watch it now, it’s pretty impressive!)

When I posted the video I promised to show you how you can quickly and easily make one for your own Facebook Page for FREE! So here are your step by step instructions. But first…

Why create a Timeline video?

Photos and videos get the largest interaction of any Facebook post type so this super cool video is bound to create some likes, comments and shares.

These videos are a great promotional tool and tell your company’s story. If your company is very visual or you share lots of photos anyway, creating this quick video is a great way to showcase them.

Step 1

Go to Timeline Movie Maker app and click the ‘Make video of my Page’s timeline’. Please note that you can only create videos for Pages which you are an Administrator of. (You can also create one of your personal Facebook timeline if you want to wow your friends! To do that, click the green button).

Facebook Timeline Movie Maker - Facebook Page - Hallam Social Media

Step 2

Click on the blue ‘Log in with Facebook’ button.

Facebook Timeline Movie Maker - Permision - Hallam Social Media
You have to give permission to the app to view your Facebook Page information. Don’t worry, it’s nothing scary, it’s just so the app can create the video for you based on the information you have already put on Facebook Page. Click the blue ‘Allow’ button.

Facebook Timeline Movie - Allow Pages - Hallam Social Media

Step 3

Next, choose which Page you want to create your video for and click the blue ‘Make Movie’ button.

Facebook Timeline Movie - Hallam Social Media

Step 4

You will see that your Facebook Timeline video automatically starts being created.

Facebook Timeline Movie Maker - Making Movie - Hallam Social Media

Once this process is finished your video will start to play automatically and you can marvel at how clever you are!

Step 5

Do you want to make some tweaks to your video? The clever app makes it really easy for you to do that. Using the options shown below you can change the music that accompanies your video using the radio buttons.

Facebook Timeline Movie Maker - Change Music - Hallam Social Media

Scroll down the page and you can even individually select which information and images are shown. Just click the part of the video you want to change and select the image you want to use instead. When you’ve made your changes, remember to click the green ‘save changes’ button.

Facebook Timeline Movie Maker - Save Changes - Hallam Social Media

Step 6

Once you’re happy with the amazing video you have created, click on the ‘share’ button.

Facebook Timeline Movie Maker - Share - Hallam Social Media
Write some text to accompany your post and click on the blue ‘Share’ button which will post your video on your Facebook Page.

Facebook Timeline Movie Maker - Share Movie - Hallam Social Media

Step 7

Sit back and wait for all the likes, comments and shares! (And maybe ask the boss for a pay rise because you’re so super talented!)

So, now you know how, will you be creating a video of your Facebook timeline? Tell us in the comments and even come back here when you’ve created your video to tell us about it and we might promote it on our Facebook Page for you as well!

If you need help with your don't hesitate to contact us.

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