15-08-2013 14-38-34Google has introduced a free tool called Databoard that makes it easy to you to access and interact with the data they gather during their marketing studies.  You can also use this data to you to make your own infographics for FREE! You can use all of this data to demonstrate to employees, managers and customers that you’re an expert in your field, someone who is up to date with your industry trends.

Find Out More About Google Databoard

Below is a 2 minute video that will quickly show you the information available in Databoard and how you can share this with your company and / or customers.

Databoard currently has 4 modules (with more likely to be added)0 The modules cover the different areas of data that are available. They are –

  • Mobile Search Moments
  • The New Multi-Screen World
  • Mobile In-Store research
  • Our Mobile Planet

There is some really valuable information contained in Databoard. For example, the below shows you how important it is for your website to be optimised for local search and mobile. If you’re not, Google’s data suggests that you’ll be missing out on making connections / sales with people who search on their smartphone –

Google Databoard

How to Access Google Databoard

If you want to get access to Databoard and see the information yourself it’s easy to do. Just visit Google Databoard and get stuck into the data. You don’t have to sign up for access, it’s all there waiting for you for free!

What’s The Catch?

Obviously the information on offer to you is limited to the data that Google has gathered with Google Insights during the course of their marketing studies. That being said, I’d argue that with Google being as big as they are that they have access to quite a large sampling section, but its something to be aware of. Currently the findings are only based on American usage data so if you’re going to base some big decisions on the data it provides you make sure it’s applicable to your location as well. Unfortunately, there is also no way to embed the information on your website but it does make it easy for you to share with social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and even email it to people.

The information contained in Databoard would make for a really interesting and engaging tweet or Facebook update. Have a look at the information on offer and trying sharing it with your colleagues, customers and fans on social media!

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