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Hallam’s results, culture of excellence, and strategic use of creativity and technology beat 35 top performing agencies shortlisted from across EMEA.

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Through intelligent strategies, impactful visual design and cut-through messaging, we’ll help put your brand on the digital map and at the forefront of people’s minds. As a specialist brand agency, we help businesses stand out from the crowd and effectively articulate their purpose.

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The Drum Recommends Digital Awards 2019 Winners

We scooped 6 amazing awards in total at this year’s ceremony, each one based solely on feedback from our clients.

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Brand strategy

Behind every great brand is a brilliant strategy. It’s the most critical part of all digital work, and with the right foundations in place you’ll be set up for growth with a clearly articulated direction that will inspire creativity, align with business goals and focus on what really matters.

Throughout a half-day intensive workshop, we’ll discover what really makes your brand tick and bring your senior leadership team together to unite behind a clearly articulated vision for your business.

Our approach

Looking at the whole picture

 We’ll cover:

current situation

Current situation

What works? What doesn’t? What external factors currently impact your business? We’ll dissect it all.

the future

The future

We’ll look to the future of your business and the industry you’re in, and explore what kind of brand you’ll need to become in order to retain success.



You may or may not have a mission statement. We’ll lay the foundations for creating a really strong one, along with key messaging for use in all your marketing collateral.



On completion of the workshop, we’ll go away and produce what we call your brand blueprint. This concise working document will contain everything you’ll need to inspire and define creative direction with ease.

Brand identity design

The way your brand looks and feels is integral to its success – but it needs to do more than simply look good. That’s why we think deep and push your brand to its limits to create something that’s clear, persuasive and powerful. As a specialist brand agency, our creative team take a look at the full picture, from your logo to your tone of voice, to ensure everything about your brand cuts through the noise of the digital landscape with a strategic, effective identity.

Brand guidelines

Once your brand has a killer identity, you’ll need to know how to put it into practice. As your brand agency, we’ll create a robust set of brand guidelines for you to use going forward. These will act as your building blocks, a reference book for internal employees, partners and contractors alike to aid them in communicating the full force of the brand and ensure consistency across all platforms. Included in this are detailed digital brand guidelines, to provide specific direction for all of your online activity, whether that be your via your website, social media or email marketing.

new brand pack

Brand messaging

Picture a successful brand. Your favourite brand. What is it that draws you to them? They might have a good visual identity with top-notch products and services, but most of the time what truly connects on an emotional level is what they’ve got to say. We believe that what lies at the heart of a great brand is a great story – and we’ll help you tell yours.

Together we’ll help you develop your core brand storytelling mechanics, that will enable you to connect with your customers on a deeper level through your marketing. We’ll fine-tune the way you express yourself and help develop your brand’s key messaging, so that with every written word you’ll deliver impact and create the kind of meaningful connections that make you memorable.

Brand naming

Naming a new business can be tough. It’s often the first impression someone has of who you are and what you do, so it needs to make an impact. If you’re at the beginning of a new business venture, we can help you do just that. Using expert design thinking and our tried-and-tested naming conventions, we’ll help you create a name that’s not only unique and recognisable, but undeniably you. Let’s find that perfect fit.

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