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The world is in content overdrive and to stand out you have to create content that is visually arresting as well as mentally stimulating.

At Hallam we understand that people are consuming more media than ever before and in order to stand out you have to make content that stands out.

Turn plain numbers into a show stopping piece of content

Infographics have exploded in popularity due to their ability to easily convey what could be quite dry information in a way that people can associate with easily and digest quickly, particularly on mobile devices where more and more media is being consumed.

And while they look great on your own site infographics can also be used as part of outreach to publications – both traditional and new media use infographics to work alongside their copy to help explain their stories or add greater depth to what they are writing about.

Get your customers interacting and reap the rewards

Interactive content is again another growth area that gives another dimension to the content that is created.

From quizzes to calculators, surveys to galleries, interactive content gets your audience engaging with your content in a much more active way. Engaging with content in this way is a far more immersive experience that means a far greater level of depth when it comes to interaction with your content.

It is also perfect for sharing on social media, something that is increasingly important as more and more media is being shared on social platforms. The best kind of interactive content will speak to someone in such a way that they will want to share that content with their peers, seeding your content and reaching a far larger audience than a traditional piece of content.