Analysing and measuring your social media efforts and success may leave you slightly perplexed – how do you know the effort that you are putting in is a good ROI? There are a million and one different tools available (some paid and some not) that go into intricate detail on whether the time and resources that you put into your social media campaigns are worth it.

Sometimes, though, you just need a tool that will give you a quick, solid insight into the impact that your tweets or Facebook updates are having – and where you might need to put in that little bit more effort. A favourite (free) tool that is popular with Team Hallam at the moment is Crowdbooster – not only does Crowdbooster show you your stream but also gives valuable insight and recommendations on how to improve your social media efforts.

For quick, actionable tips it is a great little tool and could prove valuable to your Internet Marketing strategy. With that in mind here is a quick review of some of the cool things that Crowdbooster can do and if you want to sign up you can do so here.

Using Crowdbooster to measure and improve your Twitter account

There are a number of features on the dashboard that you will want to use to measure and improve your Twitter account, in this post we will look at the most important ones – but sign up and have a play around!

How are my tweets doing?

This feature shows you a nice little graph (you have the ability to change the timeline), the x axis shows retweets and this is plotted against the y axis which shows the total number of potential impressions (how many people are likely to see your tweets). The more tweets you get by influential followers improves your potential reach.

Crowdbooster - tweets graphIf you look a little closer at the detail, you can see who is interested in this particular topic via the retweets. In future you can target these users with specific tweets about this topic – maintaining this reach.

Crowdbooster - how many impressionsFollower Growth

Twitter is temporal and maintaining your account will ensure that you get a steady stream of new followers (and potential new customers). By keeping an eye on follower growth over time you can ensure that you are not annoying existing followers with how you run your account. Significant drops can give you an early warning that you need to adjust your account and sudden spikes can point to content that you have shared that has struck a chord with your followers.

Crowdbooster - Follower GrowthRecommendations

One of our favourite features at Hallam is the ‘recommendations’. It may not be overly sophisticated at the moment but it informs you of the optimum times to tweet based on previous activity:

Crowdbooster - Times to tweetNot only does this allow you to tweet at the best times but can improve the reach of your tweets and can lead to new followers. The recommendations comes directly from data out of your twitter account – rather than the suggestions of some ‘Social Media Guru’!

Crowdbooster - best times to tweet I am not a huge fan of scheduling tweets (although I do it myself sometimes) but if you are not around at your optimum times Crowdbooster will allow you to schedule your tweets there and then:

Schedule your tweets to Twitter with CrowdboosterWho are my followers?

You may think that having a list of all your followers is all hunky dory but what do you do with that data? Crowdbooster allows you to sift through your followers in a couple of ways so that you can target particular people with specific topics for maximum reach and exposure. In my opinion this feature is a little vanilla at the moment and requires you to have some good knowledge of your followers (@Crowdbooster – could we get bios and tag clouds in here at a later date rather than just the link to the followers twitter account – thank you kindly!?).

Assuming you don’t have a Lady Gaga sized number of followers you should have a basic knowledge of your followers – with this feature you can immediately see who it is that you need to build a relationship with on Twitter and who you may want to target with the content you have created on your site. It can also be a great way to find people and sites and blogs that may want to link to some of the content that is already on your site – the world is your oyster!

Crowdbooster - looking at your influential followersLooking at your influential follwoers is important but you should never forget about those that love and talk about both you and your brand. Crowdbooster also allows you to see at a glance who retweets you the most. Make sure that reciprocate with retweets and @mentions – never forget that this is called Social Media not ‘One Way – I do all the talking media’:

Crowdbooster graph - who has retweeted me

Crowdbooster can go a long way to helping you understand Social Media Measuring and how to interact successfully with your Twitter followers. Go ahead and sign up and let us know how you get on.

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2 responses to “Crowdbooster: Measuring Your Social Media Efforts”

  1. Ricky Yean says:

    Wayne – thanks for a great review. I’m glad the Hallam team is into our software and we look forward to improving the product with your team’s feedback. You know where to find us =).

    – Ricky
    CEO, Crowdbooster

    • Wayne Barker says:

      Hi there Ricky,

      Thanks for dropping by and no problems on the review. A few of the team have been using your software recently. It is easy to use and intuitive – I’m sure we can fire some ideas across to you in the future!! Crowdbooster is a great product – keep up the good work!!

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