Diversity & inclusion policy

Diversity and Inclusion – are more than just words for Hallam. They are the guiding principles on which we build our teams, our Company and nurture our leaders; both present and future.

We want Hallam to be the right fit for everybody who works inside it, and attract those who share our principles. We firmly believe that we can best promote excellence by recruiting and retaining a diverse group of employees, and those we partner with, by creating a climate of respect that is supportive of success. The responsibility for excellence, diversity and inclusion lies with all team Hallam; our employees, contractors, suppliers, clients and partners.

How do we achieve this?

Development  – We develop our business leaders to ensure they share our Company vision, purpose and values. Business Leaders are responsible for ensuring that employees and those we partner with, are committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and take proactive steps to prevent discrimination. Leaders are tasked with the responsibility of creating and maintaining an environment of mutual respect and support.

Transparency – We encourage employees to discuss workforce representation and explore gender pay differences. As a Company, we are committed to paying our employees fairly for their work, irrespective of any characteristics they may have. We monitor and publish, where required, information relating to our gender pay gap and seek to close any gaps. Employees will never be penalised for being honest, and transparent.

Strategic Performance – We are encourage applications from under-represented groups in the workplace, by advertising our roles to both employees and non-employees, and using positive action to ensure there is a diversity balance in our workforce.

Encouraging workplace culture to drive diversity

Employees are educated in how to improve inclusion and the benefits of a diverse workforce. Leaders are expected to continually promote this way of working and set the bar high, by creating the optimum conditions to allow every employee and partner of the Company to thrive in their work.

We are biased toward action. If our Leaders feel they need to act, then we empower them to do so, with integrity and ethics at the core of every decision. We ensure our Leadership team reflects the diversity of the teams it supports.