In this post we are exploring the recent CSR related events that Hallam has been involved with in Nottingham. We see it as very important to make sure that we give back where we can, and take an active role in local schools and Universities. Read on to find out what we have been up to.

Hallam and CSR

Here at Hallam, we are an inner-city business who is committed to working with local companies and schools in Nottingham, to give back to the community where we can.

As part of our ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we want to support local talent and encourage young people to pursue a career in a digital area.

We also work closely with the Universities in the city to ensure that young people are aware of the opportunities available to them and provide them with access to the world of work.

BIMA Digital Day


Myself and my colleague Kevin Kapezi (Digital Marketing Consultant)


Tuesday 14th November 2017


Nottingham Academy, Sneinton

What we did

We worked closely with the Digital Day organisers to ensure that we were fully prepared for the day at school. My colleague and I put together a presentation consisting of interesting brand visuals, videos, facts and figures to share with the students, which we worked through during the day.

The day was designed to fit around the student’s school day. The morning consisting of icebreakers and an introduction into a professional life in digital, whilst the afternoon focused on the students taking part in challenges to get their creative juices flowing, for the chance to win prizes in a nationwide competition.


We made use of some tried and tested icebreakers to get everyone working together and talking; and it allowed us to get to know the class a bit better. We included the classic ‘build a tower out of paper’ and also tried a new activity, where we had to draw a picture of ourselves and then switch, with each individual guessing whose portrait they had.


The challenges included creating an innovative pet product, designing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) robot to handle bullying, and developing an idea for a piece of wearable tech to solve a problem for use in everyday life.

We offered support to the students as they worked together in teams to try and come up with creative solutions to these challenges.

Dragons Den-Style Presentations

At the end of the day, the teams presented their ideas to the rest of the group in Dragons Den-style pitches.

We then voted for the best one in each category, with the winners sent off as entrants to the national competition. There was a range of prizes up for grabs, including cinema tickets and £500 for the winning school.


The purpose of this day was to share our experiences and knowledge of working life in the digital industry, with young people in year 10 (14-15 years); whilst offering practical advice and talking about career opportunities available to them.

If you are interested in getting involved with Digital Day, then more information can be found on their website here.

I would thoroughly recommend the experience and found it highly rewarding.

My colleague Kevin also found it valuable and provided the below feedback:

“It was great to be involved. Education has always been important for me, and I’m happy to help! Thanks for the opportunity to do something a bit different. I think the students enjoyed it as well.”

#Thinkubator Challenge


Myself and my colleague Roxana Humelnicu (Marketing Executive)


Wednesday 15th November 2017


Nottingham Trent University

What we did

We set the University a real-life business challenge that we’re currently facing and tasked them with suggesting some solutions.

The challenge that we set was centred around internal communications, as we’ve recently merged with a Web Design company called Big Spring. Currently, the previous Big Spring team all sit on one floor, with the historic Hallam team sitting on the floor above. There are plenty of opportunities for collaboration; however, we were looking for some fresh ideas as to how we can integrate the teams further.

We set the brief to a team of students in the University and then left them to cogitate on the challenge. We then listened to the students’ presentation and discussed the solutions they found and how we could apply them at Hallam. 


The purpose of this event was to give students the opportunity to help solve problems that real businesses face, and enable them to meet with local employers.

The businesses also benefited from this, as they were given the chance to meet with bright, talented students who were able to provide fresh ideas and solutions to the challenges.

We would suggest that events like this are vital in ensuring that we continue to support bright and enthusiastic talent throughout their education and into the world of work.


If you’d like to read more about similar activities visit our CSR page.

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