If you’ve been on holiday, or away from the computer screen to enjoy a rare month of summer, then let us fill you in on what you’ve missed. Here are our favourite blog posts from July.


Susan’s favourite posts

Is SEO Dead? Yes, But Only to Some People… by @AaronWall: A fun infographic  challenging the various views on the demise of SEO.

What are the most common, most heinous online marketing mistakes? by @DaveChaffey: A concise list of the worst digital marketing mistakes, from a lack of strategy to bad social media customer service.


Ben’s favourite posts

Competitive Link Analysis: Link Intersect in Excel by @MihaiAperghis: A step-by-step guide on how to use a program you already have to analyse your competitors’ inbound links.

Three tips from Google to win on mobile: #IMW13 by @RyanSommerHQ: An interesting look at how mobile searches are having a great impact on companies’ sales, and what to take into account to get the best from your mobile strategy.


Sarah’s favourite posts

MozCon 2013 Tools by @KaneJamison: A round-up of the most useful resources for optimising your website, from content creation to web design.

Well-Timed Link Building: How to Capitalize on Popular Topics by Peter van der Graaf at @pvdgraaf: A reminder that link-building targets are not static, and a look at how to base your link-building strategy on different phases of keyword popularity throughout the lifecycle of a product.


Abra’s favourite posts

11 Things We Should Never Ever Do In Link Building Again by Erin Everhart at @erinever: A humourous article setting out common link-building mistakes, and telling you how to avoid building spammy links.

5 Great Examples of Social Media Marketing Super Campaigns by at @BenWalkerSEO: It can be difficult to come up with unique social media campaign ideas, so here are some creative, successful, and sometimes shocking, campaigns to inspire you.


Sean’s favourite posts

PPC in 10 Minutes Per Day by Melissa Mackey at @Mel66: For when life is hectic, or you simply want to manage your time more efficiently, here’s a useful guide on how to spend 10 minutes a day maintaining the most important aspects of your PPC campaign.

9 Experts and a Summary: What Makes an Ideal SEO Employee? by Aamir Jiwa at @aaj_14: Some insights from the industry on the qualities that make up the perfect digital marketing team.


Laura’s favourite posts

How To Make The Most Of User-Generated Content by Cat Fyson at @Koozai_Cat: A compelling post exploring the pros and cons of user-generated content and how to make the most of it on your site.

SEO is dead, if you ignore all that growth by Martin MacDonald at @searchmartin: An exploration of statistics that reflect SEO growth in the UK, contrary to recent media claims.


Chris’ favourite posts

Social sharing on Google+ to overtake Facebook by 2016 predicts new study by Uday Radio at @Uday_CloudNine: A take on the controversial debate about the direction of social media.

Smile! Face recognition for Google Glass is here, thanks to hackers by Rob Livingstone at @rladvisory: An intriguing look at an unexpected (even by Google!) development in Google Glass technology.


Jannike’s favourite posts

Influencing Social Awesomizers with Personalized Content by @JonBMorris: Everyone knows great content is key, but this post shows you how to create personalised content that could be shared by influential social media figures.

5 Data Insights into the Headlines Readers Click by @Nathan_Safran: A guide to making your content stand out from the crowd by focusing on an element of traditional marketing; headlines!

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