digital marketing tips from wimbledon

Digital Marketing Advice… from a tennis tournament?

Digital marketing tips and advice don’t usually come from large sporting events. But nor does SEO advice usually come from music festivals…

Wimbledon 2013 has been a turbulent journey, full of exciting games and dramatic fallouts. In a lot of ways, the ups and downs we’ve seen through the tennis tournament this year mirror the journey you can expect through in digital marketing for your business.

This year could well be remembered as the year the big names fell; Williams, Nedal, Federer… In the world of digital marketing, it may be remembered as the year Google gave small businesses the tools to beat their larger opponents too.

Google Authorship and Small Business

Much as Sabine Lasicki and Steve Darcis took down Serena Williams and Rafael Nedal, Google Authorship is the tool with which small businesses can excel beyond their much bigger counterparts.

With Authorship, the focus is on the individuals within a business to be the experts and to grow their profiles through the content they write.

Here are my top tips on Google Authorship for small business, inspired by Wimbledon:

1) Position your players

Get yourself and your team on Google Plus. Create a complete profile on Google’s own social network by visiting

Make sure everyone has a tagline that reflects the job they do and the company they work for. Use a professional photo – and make sure that’s the same photo you use across all of your social media (LinkedIn, Twitter etc.).

Next, create profiles for yourself and those members of staff on your website. Take a look at the Hallam team profiles for inspiration.

2) String your racquets

You need to give your players the equipment they need to succeed. This means connecting the profiles to each other and to any content you and your colleagues create.

Include a link to your Google Plus profiles on your website profiles and vice versa. You also need to show that you are a contributor to your website (and other websites to which your contribute). To do this, simply add the URLs to the ‘links’ section under ‘contributor to’:

Adding contributions to google plus


3) Get the Grand Slam

Consistently creating high quality content and associating it with your profile will ensure you, and your business, are seen as the experts you are. It is this that will help you to rank well in Google and to take down those far bigger players.

If you’d like to know more about how you can rank well on Google and receive the quality traffic you need to get those all important conversions, get in touch or take a look at our SEO services page.

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