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Our approach

Our approach to PPC training

We base our AdWords training on three key pillars:


No two seminars are ever the same. We tailor them around you and your business requirements, so you’ll only learn what you want to.


We make sure our sessions are practical, where you can really get involved with some relevant examples.

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Our seminars shouldn’t feel like you’re learning – at least, not in the traditional way! We make an effort to make the day fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Join our intensive one day course that’s tailored to you

Want to brush up on your AdWords skills? Fancy learning about PPC from scratch? Then join us for a one day intensive PPC training session here at our offices.

We aim to give you a solid understanding of paid search, so you can return to the office with a clear and actionable plan for your PPC campaigns. We’ll show you how to drive well qualified visitors to your site. You’ll learn how to boost your conversion rates. You’ll finally understand how to take advantage of this hugely cost-effective route to market.

Here’s an example of some of the topics we might cover:

  • How to set up successful PPC campaign structures.
  • How to identify the high performing keywords that drive sales.
  • How to define your bid strategy to bid on strategies specific to your business model.
  • Understanding the Google Quality Score.
  • What to measure, and how to do it effectively
  • Ad optimisation, including how to write the perfect ad to increase your CTR, and how to increase conversions with landing pages.
  • Taking advantage of demographic targeting, positional preferences, ad scheduling, and other powerful techniques.

It’s a great chance to come and learn from an impartial specialist, and an invaluable opportunity to take away some key learnings for your business – get in touch to arrange your training.

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