Digital media is reshaping how society functions. Like it or not, it is now part of everyday life. How consumers get their news, do their shopping, and build relationships is digitally dominated. The public relations industry and your business strategy need to keep up with the pace.

Digital PR is absolutely vital for brands up and down the country. The PR industry is now dictated by developing a digital PR strategy to engage consumers and remain relevant. This in turn will drive sales and improve brand awareness.

It’s time to re-evaluate your approach to PR, or risk falling behind. In this post I will look at why digital PR is vital for building relationships and brand awareness.

It’s All about Content

Content, content, content – the word is just thrown around the digital marketing and PR world. If I had a pound for every time I read the word, I would no longer be working in PR. I’d probably have my very own Necker Island.

PR Island

You need to write valuable content focusing on what your consumers want to know. Do not underestimate the importance of high quality, valuable content. It needs to be relevant: When customers visit your website, or your social channels, they will not want to see obsolete content. Stay up to date and maybe create a content calendar to help keep your brand fresh.

Content is a simple tool to express value. With the right strategy, good content can increase your visibility through outreach, links and brand mentions. In Google’s eyes, this means your brand has authority. It will also connect influencers and build relationships that could potentially bring new opportunities.


The traditional press release is no longer the most effective way to reach your audience. So increasing numbers of PR professionals are learning to modernise their outreach tactics.

The point of outreach is to identify sources that align with a brand and to build relationships with them. The tone of voice usually used with digital PR is more conversational and less formal than a traditional approach.

All content used for digital PR outreach should be optimised for certain keywords. The aim is to build authority through brand recognition and increase your search visibility.

Digital PR can be measured much more effectively than traditional PR. Traffic and new opportunities can be directly attributed towards certain campaigns.

It also allows for real time response, which is vital for developing relationships and engaging with consumers.

Brand Awareness and Developing Relationships

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an unknown brand or an established brand in your industry, all channels and tactics to increase brand awareness are similar. The main factor in building brand awareness is building relationships with your target audience.

You’ll need to develop a strong digital PR plan that will aim to get your target audience engaged. You need to instil trust in your consumers. Dialogue and specifically placed content has the ability to create a relationship. It’s important to communicate your brand values and messages to the public. You need to let the public know that you exist, which will drive traffic to your business.

In this digital age, mobile and social media allow consumers to communicate quickly about your brand. Whether what they’re saying is good or bad, you need to be in a position to respond. If a customer expresses concerns online, it’s vital that you respond. Social media is an effective way for brands to do this, and should be an integral part of your digital strategy.


To conclude, brands and businesses need to adopt an all-encompassing digital public relations plan to stay visible in a digital world. Through creating engaging content for outreach to generate exposure, and through appealing to how consumers behave online, you can grow your online profile and become more authoritative in the eyes of the search engines.

Ensure you’re committed to having meaningful and relevant conversations with consumers to create a better relationship and to generate a good return on your investment.

Finally, it all boils down to giving your targeted audiences what they want. Make your site authoritative, relevant and a valuable resource for targeted audiences – and you’ll soon see a stream of brand mentions flowing in.

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