Email Marketing Double Opt In - HallamSo you’re thinking about using email marketing to communicate with your customers and prospects, or you want to grow you mailing list, great!

Hopefully you’re already using a list where people have opted in to receive your communications, if not, you’re likely to get in trouble!

But, have you considered a double opt in to your email communications?

What is Double Opt In?

Double opt in is a process of verifying that people have really requested to receive email communications from you. It works like this – people enter their details to receive your emails, either on your website, Facebook Page, wherever you want.

Next, they will be sent an email (from you) containing a link which they have to click in order to confirm that they actually want to receive emails from you. Until they click this link, they WILL NOT receive emails from you.

email marketing double opt in confirmation - Hallam
Why should you use it?

Think about it, anyone could enter a friend’s (or enemies!) email address into your subscription form whether they wanted to receive communications from you or not. Double opt requires action from the receiver. It makes sure that people are really engaged with what you have to say and WANT to receive emails from you. As a result, research shows that your email responses will be higher.

What if people don’t click the confirmation link?

My answer to this is simple, are these really the people you want on your mailing list anyway? If they won’t click on a link to confirm they want to hear from you, what chance do you have of encouraging them to interact and respond to the emails you send in the future?

How to get double opt it?

Many email service providers offer this service, including our preferred provider, MailChimp. If you’re not sure if your provider offers this, have a quick search in their help section.

You could potentially do this manually as well, without an email marketing provider, but I really wouldn’t recommend it as it would be very time intensive!

For more advice about email marketing, read my post on 5 Tips for Better Email Marketing.

If you need help with your don't hesitate to contact us.

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