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I like to use Amazon as an example of best practice email marketing, but every so often even Mighty Amazon makes an Email Marketing Mistake:

I received this email message this morning from Amazon, offering me a Christmas deal in February:


How did this happen?

My email client software, Googlemail, does not display images until I ask it to, displaying the text only version first.

The graphic version should have looked like the image below.  Compare and contrast with the text version above:


The culprint for the Half Term offer is in the ALT text associated with the banner image containing the Software Half Terms Deals message. This text displays when images are turned off or are unavailable.

By right clicking on the banner imnage you can see the ALT text properties, and there is the Christmas Cracker:


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  1. I have found that most email users are encouraged to set preview panes to disable images by default, so it’s essential when using a previous template to consider this, especially as in cases like this!
    Perhaps also, alt tags can assist in accessibility to recipients with visual impairments, and also, companies are obliged to take reasonable steps tο ensure accessibility under the 2005 amendments to the Disability Discrimination Act.

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