EURO 2020 Advertising, is it right for you?

Posted on 01/07/2021 by Team Hallam

The replica shirts, the car flags, the light mist of beer in the air from the rowdy table next to you when England score can only mean one thing: The Euros are finally in full swing and once again I am fully convinced that football is in fact, “coming home”.

With Euro’s fever comes the inevitable wave of themed advertising from the ever-familiar brands, some of which we may even look forward to.

There have been some great ad campaigns at this year’s EURO 2020. These are two of my favourites:

TikTok with “Where Fans Play”

Using iconic moments from past tournaments instantly draws football fans in, invoking that hearty football nostalgia. Clever use of the vertical clips shot by the user clearly showcases the platform as somewhere fans can really engage as part of the competition.

It’s clear the from the creative, Tiktok understands who they’re trying to engage with and the relevance their platform has (or at least could have) to the competition and its viewers. 

TikTok further supported this campaign with changes to their platform, featuring a Euros-specific section of their app. Alongside this, TikTok has made use of additional marketing activity including pitchside boarding brand ads and email campaigns, to name just a few.

This is the true definition of a full-funnel integrated campaign and, in my opinion, is a great example of a brand using an event to grow effectively.

And secondly, Snickers with “Bothlands”

This tongue-in-cheek ad is short, snappy and fits well with the brand’s overall tone of voice. A smart and witty way of navigating the sponsorship of both the England and Scotland national teams.

Although the relevance of a chocolate bar to a high-level sporting competition is somewhat questionable, Snickers recognise that a key portion of their target audience are engaging in the tournament, and chose to capitalise on the opportunity. 

Snickers have used the context of the Euros to remind users of their brand and taken the opportunity to make a memorable impact. In that regard, I would class this as an effective piece of brand work.

With these examples in mind, you might well be thinking ‘these sound great, can my brand capitalise on this opportunity too?’. Maybe you’re considering whether it would be a timely post on your company’s Social Media account or a fully-fledged Euros-themed ad like the brands above. 

However, it’s necessary to highlight that whilst the best and most effective advertising is often socially relevant, socially relevant advertising is not always the best for every company. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment (and sometimes in the high emotion) of such things and lean towards making snap decisions.

A gentle reminder: Always think strategically about your marketing, the tactics you use, and the messages you put out to your audience.


Always consider the following:

1. Whether your target audience is interested in it.

Does my ideal customer care about the Euros? More importantly, is it what they expect when engaging with my brand?

2. If the Euros are relevant to your business. 

As with all current events, there is a risk of being seen to be “jumping on the bandwagon”. Consider this carefully as the last thing you would want to do is have a detrimental effect on your branding efforts up to this point. Be sure your messaging has relevance to your users or your brand. Ask yourself, what value does this add to my branding proposition?

3. Remember your brand values, tone of voice, and overall brand strategy.

Ask yourself, if you were in the place of the customer, would you expect your brand to interact in this way?

4. Finally, what are your Goals? 

Ensure that any activity you run is underpinned by SMART Objectives, which are used as a constant measurement of success and campaign effectiveness. And remember, data should always be your guiding principle when making these decisions and reflections. More importantly, make sure that this data is valuable to your business, and avoid getting caught up in so-called “vanity metrics”.

The same can be said for any major event which holds public attention, from the Eurovision Song Contest to the Olympics. Ensure that you’ve considered these things and you’re comfortable with your answers to each before making your decision.


Despite my light scaremongering, it is absolutely possible to incorporate a well-thought-out campaign around such events. As with any campaign, carefully consider the reasons behind engaging in event-specific advertising for your brand. Most importantly, always think strategically about the decisions you make with your brand.

Check out how we put an emphasis on strategic marketing to achieve your marketing goals.

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EURO 2020 Advertising, is it right for you?

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