Bamboozled by Facebook? Want to create an amazing Facebook Business Page but don’t know where to start? You need a Facebook business page checklist!

And it just so happens that we’ve made one…

Here’s our handy checklist for things you need on your Facebook page, which you might like to keep to hand while reading this article. You can download it here:

Hallam Facebook Timeline ChecklistHallam’s Facebook Timeline Checklist for Businesses

First things first, you need to have a Page, not a Profile. Far too many businesses have personal profiles set up where you have to become a “friend” of the business in order to view the page. You need to set up a business page, where people can become “fans” of your business by Liking you.

At the end of March, all Facebook business pages migrated over to the “Timeline” format, which meant a few changes were required. Posting updates has remained pretty much the same, although they now appear in a slightly different way, but you now need to add a cover image to your page, and the “fangates” that you could previously use to get people to like your page are no longer the first thing that visitors see.

Before creating your Facebook page…

  • See what your competitors and other businesses within your niche are doing.
  • Think about what your customers and fans want from you – product information, news, videos, images… or a mix of everything.
  • Think about what you want from your page – more traffic? SEO? Improve relationships?

Once you have created the page…

You need to make sure that you do the following:

Upload a cover photo – this needs to make a great first impression, so it needs to look professional. It’s an unusual size (851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall) so you’ll probably need to design an image specifically for this purpose. Use Photoshop, or there’s an online image editor that we’ve found rather useful, called Pixlr. Anyway, here’s Team Hallam’s cover photo:

Hallam Facebook Cover Photo

Claim your vanity URL – e.g. rather than We posted about why, and how, you should do this here.

Upload a profile picture – this will most likely be your logo.

Add your company info  to the About section –  Add your website’s URL, a description of your services (use SEO keywords!!), other social profiles, address… A small section of this will appear at the top of your timeline under your cover photo. You are limited with characters here (just 155), so a short company bio, like on Hallam’s page…

Hallam's Facebook About section

…and you can include a link to your website, like ASOS have done. Just make sure to add http:// before the URL to make it clickable.

ASOS's Facebook About Section

Check your location – make sure the map pin is in the right place.

Create and upload photos – if you have photos or images of your products, create some albums and upload them. You can also post photos of your staff, or any events you take part in for example. It all helps visitors to see there are people behind your brand! And once you have done this, tag the people in the photos as this will help to create interest among them and their friends.

Populate your page – keep adding content even though you won’t have many fans yet, so your new fans will have something to look at as soon as they find you.

Let people know about your page – put the URL in your email signatures, newsletters and print materials. And have a link to your Facebook page on your website.

Put a link to your Facebook page in your email signature

Enable alerts for competitor pages – see what others are doing as soon as they post it. Try

Create a posting schedule – think about your messages and the types of post you want to make, and create a schedule so that your content is nice and varied. For example, one day you might post a company update; the next day, you might post a video showing one of your products in use. We created a FREE social media content calendar that you could use…

Start liking other pages – look out for competitors, or other pages in your niche (e.g. influencers, industry news, industry associations) and like them so you’ll see their updates on your news feed.

Making updates…

Some sources suggest you should link your Twitter/blog to your Facebook page so that it updates automatically. We don’t suggest this, as if you Tweet or blog a lot, your Facebook content can get drowned out (and it’ll appear on the news feeds of your followers – they might start getting fed up if all they see is Tweets from you!). And to create the optimum interest, you should post slightly different updates on each of your different profiles so that people aren’t just seeing the same thing wherever they go.

Once you’ve done all this, it’s done, and you can focus on generating really great Facebook content and getting those all-important Likes flooding in. But it is a lot to remember, especially when you’re running your own business. This is why we have created our Facebook  business page checklist for you to print out and check off the items as you do them.

Get yours here:

Hallam’s Facebook Timeline Checklist for Businesses


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