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facebook graph search - HallamHave you used Facebook’s new Graph Search feature? It is much more powerful marketing tool than it might first appear.

Facebook’s search functionality used to be woefully weak and they knew they had to do something about it. Enter, Graph Search! Facebook Graph Search is currently in beta but you can sign up for free access here.

From a personal point of view, Graph Search allows you to find people with similar interests so perhaps you can start a book or make some new friends. If you’re going on holiday to America for example, you could search for the photos your friends took in New York so you can make sure you don’t miss out on any of the sights they saw. Facebook assumes (rightly or wrongly) that if you’re friends with someone that you might have some share interests and like similar things so Graph Search also allows you to search for restaurants, music, films etc that your friend like so you can discover new areas of interest that you perhaps didn’t know existed before.

Try it yourself (if you already have beta access like I do)! Here I searched for “restaurants my friends have been to in London”. These might be some good options to try the next time I’m in London.

Facebook Graph Search - Hallam SEO

How to Use Facebook Graph Search for Marketing

Now for the really interesting stuff! Here I’ll show you a few ways you can use Graph Search to learn more about your Facebook fans so you can create content they’ll love and engage with!

1. Learn about your fans interests

If you want to learn more about your Facebook fans, asking them to complete a survey might not yield the best response rate. Instead, just try doing a Graph Search on Facebook for –

“Favourite interests of people who like your page name”

Here you can see the interests of people who like a shopping centre in Nottingham. No wonder posts about Millie’s Cookies always go down so well on their page as one of their fans shared interests are ‘chocolate chip cookies’!

Facebook Graph Search for Marketing - Hallam SEO

Once you have this information about your fans interests it’s up to you to work this into the content you post on your own Facebook page to make sure you get the most interaction and engagement from your fans. They’ll love you even more when they see how much you understand what makes them tick!

2. Find the prizes they want to win

Running a competition on Facebook is a great way to grow your fan base and increase interaction and engagement. If you don’t think you have the budget to run a Facebook competition, think again. Some Facebook competition apps are free to use and from my experience, it’s not always the highest value prizes that attract the most attention. Use Graph Search to find out what your fans want to win before you even launch your competition. Search for things like –

“Music liked by people who like your page name

“Games people like who like your page name

“Films liked by people who like your page name

“Books liked by people who like your page name

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In these examples you might want to offer prizes of tickets to a festival or gig, a CD or download of music by Joy Orbison. How about offering a selection of your fans favourite films, books or downloads of their favourite phone apps. You have the knowledge of what they like now so put that information to good use!

3. Find other Pages your fans like

If you know the other Facebook pages your fans like you can have a look at the content they are producing to emulate this on your own Page. You’re giving your fans more of what they want and making your own Facebook Page more appealing! Try searching for –

“Pages liked by people who like your page name

Facebook Graph Search - Hallam

There so so many different search queries you can make. You can even combine queries to get really specific. Does Graph Search excite you with it’s power and possibilities? It should! Sign up for beta access now or start playing if you already have Graph Search and put what you learn about your fans into practice.

Want to know some other powerful search queries you can use on Facebook Graph Search? Comment below and I’ll share a few more with you!

2 responses to “Facebook Graph Search for Marketing”

  1. Nancy Martelli says:

    Thanks for the article. When I tried to join to get the graph I was told I was on a waiting list. Do you think I will get access soon?

    • Sarah Dawes says:

      Hi Nancy,
      Well done on signing up to get early access to Graph Search! From memory I think I had access after a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will be the same or quicker for you but however long, it’ll be worth the wait!

      I keep thinking of other uses for it! For example, if you know who your most influential fans are, you can find out what other pages they also like and what their interests are so you can create content specifically with them in mind!


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