Five reasons why you should use a digital marketing agency – a quick look from the other side of the tracks

Posted on 09/09/2016 by Team Hallam

A recent convert to Agency side this blog takes a quick look into a learning curve from the perspective of being client side. A digital marketing agency can take your company to the next level.

I know the title of this blog might seem a little rich coming from a digital marketing agency – it’s not exactly groundbreaking news:

“Digital marketing agency says digital marketing agencies are great.”

However,  I’m writing my first blog for Hallam from the perspective of a marketing professional who has spent his career to date on the client side. I thought I’d share my thoughts from the other side of the tracks – so to speak.

Before starting at Hallam, I worked in B2B, B2C, technology and retail. My most recent roles involved strategy planning and managing a department. Throughout my career, either as an executive or a manager, there was one very common theme –  time was a limited resource. The analogy of spinning plates is an accurate one, when you consider all the very different aspects of marketing that need attention, including Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and New Product Development (NPD).

Although there was a lot of plate spinning, I never truly considered outsourcing to an agency. This was partly because of budget constraints but also because I considered the talented individuals I worked with the best people to market to their respective territories. Although these are common reasons not to bring in an agency, I’d like to go through five that counter this perspective.

1 – MoneyMoney

The first issue of budget is a false economy for me. In my mind, you can’t afford not to. If you are a business owner, you probably run a tight ship and, with limited time, you keep those plates spinning to ensure the business is growing, profitable and one step ahead of the competition. So why would you spend precious budget on an digital marketing agency? Simple. ROI.

Agencies have the time you don’t and a wealth of knowledge that could trim wasted budget and get more bang for your buck (or pound). This is no more true than in an activity highly correlated with revenue, such as PPC. Our own Jonathan can write a bespoke script for you to automate bidding based on your ROI… sound good? Many of our clients think so too.

2 – TransparencyTransparent

Working with a professional digital marketing agency like Hallam, you’ll have a discussion about goals and KPIs, with regular reviews so you know what your money is buying and that you are on track. More than that though, you will be talking to professionals that can manage your expectations on how likely it is to achieve your goals, how much input is required from your business and what you’re likely to gain from it.



3 – Pooled resourcePool_Resource

Having a company full of digital marketing professionals is very handy. You may approach an agency because you have a need to outsource one activity but later find that you need help with something else too.

Are you creating a new website and don’t want to harm your existing website traffic and revenue? Hallam has done this countless times and can steer you in the right direction, or take on the project as a whole. With a digital marketing agency on board, you’ll have access to a pool of knowledge you can tap into whenever the need arises.


4 – Fresh eyesFresh_Eyes

Ever stared glassy eyed at a PPC campaign that either you or your marketing staff have spent the last few years updating? Not sure where to go next? Using a digital marketing agency means that you have professionals on hand with the best tools to view your campaign and see things you may have missed. They could inject a new lease of life into it and unlock more potential.


5 – Avoid the learning curveCurve2

Hallam has been around for over 15 years, and they have worked with a vast spectrum of clients in that time. The likelihood is that whatever your problem or need, it’s likely that Hallam has been through the same process with other clients. They have the tools and knowledge to do it more quickly and efficiently than you will be able to.



Overall then…

No one knows your company better than you do, but with a professional digital marketing agency on board you can:

  • Hit agreed KPI’s like increased traffic, increased leads or exposure
  • Have the resource on hand to allow you to respond quicker than your competition
  • Avoid costly mistakes

All this buys you more time to focus on strategy but it does take a leap of faith. If you’re going to entrust your company to an agency, you’ll need one that has been around for a while, can demonstrate experience with similar projects, will be completely transparent and will work toward KPIs. This blog post on choosing the right agency can help with the next step

If you need help with your don't hesitate to contact us.

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Five reasons why you should use a digital marketing agency – a quick look from the other side of the tracks

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