Google Checkout has arrived in the UK – and it is offering it’s Google Adwords Advertisers free credit card processing until 2008.

Even if you don’t advertise with Adwords, then you can still use Google Checkout to process your sales, and you will only be charged a low 1.5% + £0.15 per transaction. With Google Checkout, there are no monthly, setup or gateway service fees, and Google Checkout will not charge you to transfer funds from your Checkout account to your bank.

If you don’t have a shopping cart on your site yet, the Google has a simple way to use a Buy It Now function like PayPal.

I’ve set my Google Checkout account up to let you buy a place on my new Advanced Search Engine Optimisation workshop

There are still some glitches with regards to VAT and shipping calculations with the simple Buy Now option, but it is a quick and easy way to get credit card payments set up.

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