Team Hallam have been having some fun following Ruud Hein’s Google+ post about Google vs. Bing.

Google, apparently, is a bit of a film buff (who knew?), so if you type in a search query like “the film where bacon goes into space”, “the film with the russian roulette” or “the film where Costner plays golf” Google somehow knows exactly what you want and shows it at #1.

the film where bacon goes into space - Googlethe film with the russian roulette - Google

the film where costner plays golf - Google

Well, never ones to back down from a challenge, we wanted to see who was the bigger film geek? Google, or Team Hallam? We tried to come up with the most abstract queries we could think of, and Google got most of them!

Here are some of our favourites:the film where hoffman fights for custody of a kid - Googlethe film where noone is called shirley - Googlethe film where jeremy irons kills james earl jones - Googlethe film where clint eastwood cant remember how many bullets he has - Googlethe film where raquel welch helps a guy escape - Google

But Bing? Needs to see more movies:

the film where no one is called shirley - bingthe film where clint eastwood cant remember how many bullets he has - bingHow does Google know, and Bing doesn’t? It’s all very clever.

Try it yourself and post your best queries in the comments!





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