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Are you looking for a company to manage your Google AdWords campaigns for you?

Hallam is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. In order  become qualified, we  undertook training, demonstrated an in-depth understanding of AdWords by passing a series of rigorous exams, and we met all of Google’s qualification guidelines including demonstrating practical experience.

Be sure to look for the  badge – if you are looking for help managing search programmes and seek support and expertise, using a Google Certified Partner ensures a level of knowledge and practical experience.  And by clicking on the badge you will have the assurance from Google that we have met their eligibility criteria to be called a Certified Partner.

So feel free to give Katie, Wayne or Susan a ring to discuss how we can make your AdWords campaigns more successful by getting more visitors to your website, making more sales, improving your return on investment, and reducing your overall costs.


One response to “Google AdWords Management Company: looking for an AdWords consultant?”

  1. AdWords is a complicated tool to use well. I will certainly consider Hallam’s assistance if my efforts deliver little reward in terms of the click though rate. I think my key word Document Scanning needs to be expanded upon which is what I’m currently working towards.

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