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It’s been in the USA for a while, but it would appear AdWords is running a pilot in the UK is now inviting searchers to preview advertisers’ products through the use of a plus box inviting them to click to see the product choices.

In this example, I did a search in for  “wedding dresses” and an advertisement from an American company appears in the British results, complete with the Show Products plus box:

Google AdWords Show Products Plus Box

This advertisement is displaying integration from two of Google’s services:

  • the option to display products listed on the Google Shopping (or Google Base) data feed
  • offers being made through the Google Checkout payment gateway ($20 off)

Clicking through to the products offered by this advertiser then inserts the wedding dresses straight into the AdWords advertising in the search results:

Adwords Show Products from this advertiser

In the same way that Google is integrating Universal content into the organic search results (videos, social media, maps, images) it is also testing integrating additional types of content into the paid advertising results.

Anybody else seeing British advertisers benefiting from the Show Products plus box?

Was this just a glitch that I happened to spot, and capture?  Or can you share other examples

Watch this space!

2 responses to “Google AdWords “Show Products from this Advertiser””

  1. Chris Laing says:

    I look forward to seeing what the National Rip off locksmith companies have to offer now they have joined the Google Adwords bandwagon. Probably a photo of an old lady in tears after she’s been told it will cost her hundreds of pounds to fix her door after one of their contractors has drilled the guts out of it.

    Sorry for being cynical.


  2. I’ve seen this on the occasional UK Google search with large companies. However, the option does not appear in my Adwords account even though it is linked to Google Merchant feed. It would be nice to understand exactly when and why Google roll out the option to advertisers……

    However, this week I have been given the option to show sitelinks below my Google ad. These provide direct links to specific product webpages when your ad is placed in the top 3 positions. A search on “children’s sun hats” shows this option in action.

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