If you don’t want to learn all the ins and outs of Google Analytics but do want easy access to all the juicy data that it can provide, Google Analytics Dashboards are your friend.

Further down this post you will find links to 5 FREE Analytics Dashboards that you can add to your Analytics account straight away.

Essentially dashboards provide summaries of information on a single page to save you drilling down into all the data. Dashboards are usually created by theme such as e-commerce, social etc and allow you to monitor lots metrics at one time so you can quickly access the health of that area of your website.

How to Create a New Analytics Dashboard

To create a new Google Analytics dashboard yourself, log into your account and under Dashboards menu on the left, click +New Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard New

You can then choose to create a dashboard from scratch using ‘blank canvas’ or selecting ‘starter dashboard’ will create a dashboard for you with basic Analytics information.

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The starter dashboard will show you the below information which includes:

  • New visits
  • Unique visitors
  • Visits
  • Visits by browser
  • Bounce rate
  • Average visit duration and pages per visit
  • Goal Completions
  • Revenue (if applicable)

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You can create up to 20 dashboards, and each dashboard can contain up to 12 widgets.


FREE Google Analytics Dashboards

Below I detail some of my favourite Google Analytics Dashboards and their uses.

Publisher Dashboard

Google have provided some of their own dashboards for you to use. Some a bit basic but their Publisher dashboard is pretty good! If you have a blog on your website you can use this dashboard to see where your blog readers are coming from and what pages they visit while they are on your site.


General Analytics Dashboard

This dashboard will show you your main sources of traffic and will also quickly show you where most visitors enter and exit your website so you can make changes if necessary. It’ll also show you the geographical location of your visitors, referral websites and more.



Download general analytics dashboard here.


E-commerce Dashboard

If you have an e-commerce website then this is a great dashboard for you. It groups information into 3 areas, engagement, acquisition and retention. It’ll show your revenue, top landing pages, the non-branded keywords that drove traffic to your website and then resulted in sales and more.

analytics dashboardDownload e-commerce dashboard here.


Social Media Dashboard

This dashboard contains 12 widgets to show you social interaction both on and off your site including where people are people are talking about and sharing your website, loyalty of social visitors and more.

Social-Media-DashboardDownload social media dashboard here


Realtime Overview Dashboard

Did you know that Google Analytics now shows you realtime information about all of the visitors on your website? If you really want to geek out and see information as it happens then this realtime overview dashboard from Dan Barker is for you. It shows you the total number of active visitors on your website at that exact time, including a breakdown by medium as well as top active page and more!

Download realtime overview dashboard here.


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