If you know you need Google Analytics but find the whole thing far too complex, let us set it up for you

You’ve heard good things about Google Analytics. You’ve heard about how it can help you to understand your customers. You’ve heard how you can use it to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

But there’s no escaping the fact that Google Analytics is extraordinarily complicated. And if that’s the only thing that’s stopping you from setting up an Analytics account for your business, then perhaps it’s time you gave Hallam a call.

With our Google Analytics Setup service, we’ll:

  • Install Google Analytics on your site and make sure it’s working correctly
  • Customise your Analytics desktop so you only see the data you need to see
  • Set up customised reporting to reflect your marketing activities
  • Create a standard monthly reporting model that’s suited to your business needs

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Google Analytics Setup – We’ll Fine Tune Your Data So You Only See What You Need to See

Setting up Google Analytics is actually quite a simple process.

All you have to do is sign up with Google, add a line of code to all the pages of your site you wish to track, and you’re good to go.

Almost from the moment you sign up for Google Analytics, you’ll gain access to reams of data and a seemingly endless array of options. And it’s here where a lot of businesses struggle.

They know that hidden among all that data are the insights they need to take their marketing efforts to the new level. They just don’t quite know how to parse it.

And that’s where we come in. We can set up your Google Analytics account in such a way that will eliminate all the unnecessary statistics, leaving only the data that is relevant to your business.

How Does Our Google Analytics Setup Service Work?

We’ll identify your most important key performance indicators (KPIs) and show you have to set up and track goals on your site. We’ll set up customised reporting to reflect your marketing activities. Finally, we’ll create a standard monthly reporting model that’s suited to your business needs.

We’re a Google Analytics Certified Partner. We know what we’re talking about, and we have the qualifications to prove it. We can help you to make sense of your data. And once you’ve made sense of your data, your next digital marketing steps will be clear.

We’ll Get Straight to the Point.

We’re here to demystify Google Analytics. We won’t just help you get it up and running for your site. We’ll do so without ever once resorting to jargon or geek speak.

Every time we communicate we’ll do so in plain and accessible English. And any time you have any questions, we’ll always be here to help.