Analytics audits

Every website is unique, so why settle for basic web tracking or boilerplate reporting? Whether your online tracking can be enhanced, or there are some key insights hidden within your data, we’re here to help.

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Our goal is to track every user interaction online so you can fully understand your website’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

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Analytics audits

Advanced tracking tools

We can help you track more than just website page views. Users can pick up the phone, or talk directly via live chat windows, so both of these conversion methods are included in our advanced tracking service. For user interactions, we can track heatmaps or session recordings to produce a full user experience (UX) audit. To accelerate a website’s effectiveness we A/B split test different elements of a website and track the results to see if A outperforms B, or vice versa.

Google Analytics audits

Where do your potential customers enter the website and leave the website? Which pages are making you money, and which pages are putting users off? Doing a full audit of Google Analytics shows key insight on how your users interact with your content. Often audits also bring up technical issues with tracking, UX issues with the website speed, and other unforeseen issues, giving them a very high return on investment.

Custom reporting

Reporting is at its most effective when you can visualise the results. By segmenting your most important metrics we can highlight the data clearly to any level of your business. If required, dynamic reports can be set up for a fully automated solution which can be used for years to come.

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Stop operating in the dark and measure the true statistics behind your website’s performance. Track what matters, fix technical issues and plug the gaps.

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Rest assured that you’ll have a fully functional analytics setup for your website, with all the key information at your fingertips. No more good or bad gut feelings, just pure data without any emotional sway.

Boost the good. Bin the bad.

We’ll find the strongest areas of your website where you can be confident using increased investments and new channels to promote. Any dead ends can be dealt with, and ineffective areas can be updated or left out of your advertising campaigns to save precious budgets.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you audit Google Universal Analytics or GA4?

We can do a full audit on both Google Analytics platforms, and recommend using the platform with the most data and tracked goals/events as the main audit platform.

Can you track and audit our CRM data?

We can do one better than that! With offline conversion tracking we can integrate your CRM with Google Analytics, Google Ads, and other paid advertising platforms such as LinkedIn. This gives a full overview of how well leads progress beyond website interactions, with the online website data being merged with the offline CRM data.

What do you typically find during an analytics audit?

We often find issues with dead-end webpages, missing or broken goal tracking, wasted ad spend, slow performing pages, and many user-experience (UX) issues which is harming a website’s overall effectiveness to sell.