Google Analytics 4

The next-generation version of Universal Analytics.

Our approach

Move over to GA4

GA4 will eventually replace Universal Analytics and Google Analytics Firebase for Web once the change becomes mandatory.


The best approach is to set GA4 up alongside Universal Analytics as they can currently be run in parallel with each other.


Future proof

The changeover future proofs your account, as GA4 is an analytics solution designed for cookieless tracking.

New Features

Funnels for everyone, automatic anomaly detection, event-based modelling. Google Analytics is being brought up to date with an analytics platform for the modern era.

What this means for you

Whilst there isn’t yet a set mandatory date confirmed for the switchover to GA4 by Google, after reviewing the changes and benefits it offers we’re confident that the sooner GA4 is set up, the better.

GA4 can be run in parallel with Universal Analytics allowing us to get the set-up completed and running alongside your Universal Analytics.

This means data can start being recorded as soon as possible, putting you in a better position once the switchover is complete in full at a later date, allowing for a year on year comparison of your data that would otherwise be lost.

Woman on phone GA4

The new additions and benefits

The upgraded version of GA4 brings advanced current features, but also some new additions which are beneficial and allow more visibility and flexibility on data tracking and reporting too. These include:

Brand new properties for visualization including:

  • Funnel visualization
  • Pivot tables
  • Scatter plots

Enhanced measurement and analysis on:

  • Scrolls
  • Site Search
  • Outbound clicks
  • Engagement with content
  • File downloads
  • Easier and superior audience creation and segmentation
  • More flexibility on Default Reporting Identity, incorporating user IDs and Client IDs for a connective view of the users
  • Ability to carry out temporary audience memberships
  • Advanced visibility of session duration and page dwelling
  • Further visibility of user activity and engagement on site
  • Better data management
  • Ability to link GA4 to bigquery at no additional cost from Google, allowing more advanced implementation and therefore ability to complete more advanced work

Ways we can implement these changes for you

A few ways we can set up Google Analytics 4 for your business:

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GA4 Training

The new GA4 is quite a move on from Universal Analytics, so we’re happy to set up a training session to bring you and your team up to speed. During the training session, you’ll benefit from an analytics expert running you through the new GA4 landing page, cover what’s changed, and what’s new.

Understanding that your business may have unique requirements to reporting, we’re happy to tailor these training sessions to your requirements making sure you and your team get the most from your time with us.

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