Now that the majority of searches take place on mobile devices, Google has revealed a range of new AdWords features that are specifically designed to suit the unique requirements of mobile users.

Rather than a clicking on an advert, users will soon be touching and swiping a carousel of product images for an enhanced user experience.

Jerry Dischler, vice president of product management for AdWords, said: “Consumers on mobile devices have higher expectations than ever before – they want everything right away.”

Google has thus developed new ad units that are capable of instantly meeting consumer needs.

New AdWords Formats

Google’s new ad units will change how marketers target ads on mobile. Rather than all-purpose ads across different sectors, the new formats are tailored for specific sectors and services. Google is moving away from simple keyword adverts and banners to more visually engaging and informative ads that spark interest.

New Sector Specific Ads

Advertisers can now showcase material that is formatted specifically for their sector, providing just enough information for the consumer to click “buy now”.

Car ads, for example, can now show a carousel of interior and exterior images of the cars for users to swipe through. The ads can include links to the car’s website, to any special offers, and they can even list the contact details of car dealers in the local area. By clicking on the photos, users can learn more about the cars, seeing such information that might influence their purchase – such as mileage and emissions:

Car advert in AdWords


Hotel adverts can now include stronger calls-to-actions, with “book now” and “call now” buttons on the ad itself. The ad unit can include a list of room prices, a review section, photos, and specific location information with Google maps:

Hotel ad in Adwords


Google are also expanding their comparison tools on mobile devices. For example, Google’s mortgage comparison tool will soon be available on mobile devices, allowing users to browse interest rates and call mortgage lenders directly. Google’s insurance comparison tool will also be expanded, targeting the consumers who want a quick quote whilst browsing cars:


Google's insurance comparison tool

Cross-Device Conversion Tracking

Cross-device conversion tracking is another new feature coming soon to Adwords. From a consumer’s first impression, to the final conversion, marketers will be able to track customers’ actions move by move, device by device. As these new cross-device conversion tracking tools are added to the AdWords dashboard, tracking the impact and effectiveness of an ad will become much easier.

AdWords Dashboard Updates

To give account managers greater control over their ads, AdWords will soon have a new dashboard and new simulation tools for automated bidding. AdWords will also recommend categories and cost per clicks suggestions for new categories based on a website’s content. As marketers will have a better understanding how their ads are performing across devices, the changes to AdWords could lead to greater efficiency and more cost-effective bidding.

Jerry Dischler New AdWords FeaturesMicro-Moments

Google’s Jerry Dischler suggests that advertisers need to focus on consumers’ “micro-moments.”

He said: “The purchase funnel is officially dead. It’s being replaced by short bursts of activity that we’ve been referring to as micro-moments.”

Dischler suggests that what motivates consumers to convert is not brand loyalty, but relevancy. The update to AdWords aims to capture users during those “micro moments” across all devices.

He continued: “What matters most in those moments isn’t who we are, but what we intend to do at that instant.”

Dischler suggests that consumer’s actions are more spontaneous than we thought, and that we must target ads during those micro-moments using AdWords’ improved dashboard reporting.


Google is honing its mobile ads to capture conversions of an increasing number of smart phone users. If you’re a business owner, you need to follow their lead. Use these new ad units to showcase your product and services, and aim to convert consumers during those crucial micro-moments.

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