It’s that time of year again, and Google has created some April Fool’s pranks that are sure to give you a chuckle.

Different pranks roll out across different time zones, and I’m sure there will be even more Google April Fool jokes appearing soon….

1. Google Cardboard Plastic

The future is clear. Experience actual reality with Google Cardboard Plastic.

2. Google Searchable Socks

Do you have a problem with losing your socks?  Google can fix that problem!


Google April Fools - Socks

3. Google Map’s Peg Man has been replaced by a disco dancer

Plain old yellow peg man has been replaced by a disco diva on Google Maps.

Here he is in his purple disco finery, complete with beard, just outside our offices:

hallam groovy maps

And to complete the disco theme, Google Maps official Twitter account has been renamed Groovy Maps:

groovy maps

4. One of Google’s pranks has backfired spectacularly: Google Mic

Google has a history of actually creating working prototypes of some of their pranks, and in the case of the Gmail Mic Drop prank it caused serious problems, with business people sending real emails with a Minion image attached.

Click here to read The Guardian’s take on the situation.

5. How about Google’s Self Driving Bike?

This had to come from Holland. Of course.


5. Honourable non-Google Mention: I really liked Samsungs Smart Trousers

The “Internet of Things” was central to one of my talks this week, and Samsung has taken it to a new level with the Internet of Trousers. Complete with “Wi Fly,” “Fridge Lock” and “Keep Your Pants on Mode” this is sure to be a best seller.

See more here.

samsung aprils fools

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