In this video, Susan Hallam explains what Google authorship is and why you should be using it. Susan also provides three quick steps as to how you can get Google authorship for yourself, as well as what benefits it will provide you with subsequently.

If you want your writing to be recognised more publicly then you should definitely look at setting up your Google authorship. Watch the video now.


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Here’s the video transcript…

I’m Susan Hallam from Hallam Internet, and I want to talk to you about a new feature on Google called Authorship.

Authorship is a concept where Google knows that it’s you who wrote the content on your website, and if your content appears in the Google search results, it will display a picture of your face.

I’d like to explain to you how you can get your author profile to appear in Google – there are three quick steps.

Firstly, you need to have a profile on your website of yourself, describing who you are and your background.

That page on your website now needs to link to your Google+ profile. Google+ is Google’s free social media marketing platform, and if you link from your website to your profile, then Google will know that it was you who wrote the information.

The next step is that your Google profile in turn must link back to your own website – so they need to link to each other.

Finally, you need to be using a tag in your contact called the author tag, and that is quite simply a piece of meta data – a small piece of information that lets Google know that it was you who wrote the article.

The benefits of Google Authorship are that your entries appear larger in the search results, your picture appears in the search results, and it’s likely that more people will click on your results and your information, because they know it’s you who wrote it.

Let’s get started and get your Google Authorship profile set up.


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