Google are at it again: they’ve gone ahead and designed their own web browser.

Google Chrome has just been released in beta format.

Why is it called “Chrome?” Perhaps because the borders, window frames and such like in your normal web browser is called “chrome.” Google’s new browser eliminates much of the chrome, thus making the screen look bigger, and much less cluttered.

I’d love to tell you lots more about it, but Google wants to tell you all about it using YouTube videos. Forget about reading the written word, the Google generation only wants to watch vids.

Alternatively, you can read the comic book version describing it.

For goodness sakes, grow up. I’m old, and boring, and I just wish Google would cut to the chase.

In any event, I have had a play with Chrome, and it is still rough around the edges. Whilst I won’t be switching from Firefox quite yet, it is very good.

Chrome was quick to install, quick to import all my bookmarks.

I thought it would be nice to include a screen grab of what Chrome looks like, but Chrome doesn’t support all my lovely Firefox plug-ins including my favourite image management utility nor any of my SEO tools. No doubt that will get fixed soon.

Chrome has been designed to be “a better web experience”, with a clean and uncluttered screen, faster and with users suffering from less crashing.

Perhaps the best feature is that has just one box, called the Omnibox, into which you can type web addresses, search phrases, anything. A simple, great idea.

And the new visual interface to show your web history and popular sites you have visited.

It’s worth keeping an eye on, and I’ll let you know when I migrate from Firefox to Chrome.

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  1. Guy Gregory says:

    I have to agree with you Sue, I was also quite impressed with the new browser, especially the performance and simplicity.

    We’re looking forward to catching up with you at the WellConnected event at Buxton at the end of the month.


  2. Peter From Alight says:

    I thought it was a good start but a little annoying that the browser did not come as default with a home button, you have to go into preferences to turn it on? A bit bizarre.

    And although it seems to be running the mozilla engine, will the fact that it also has it’s own javascript set up mean it’s just another browser we have to make sites work in! 😉

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