Last week I wrote briefly about Google’s new Knowledge Graph (live in the US and probably about to go live over here in the UK shortly). As usual with new products the team at Google have amused themselves by creating about a couple of hidden easter eggs!

As a quick post today I thought I would share them with you…

Lionel Richie Knowledge Graph Easter Egg

If you are over 30 you will remember the silky voiced American singer and songwriter (formerly of the Commodores) who has been ‘treating’ the world with his own brand of soul-pop for the last 3 decades. Mr Richies greatest musical ‘achievement’ was no doubt “Hello” and the guys over at Google have honoured this with his own Knowledge Graph easter egg:

lionel richie knowledge graph easter egg

Chuck Norris Knowledge Graph Easter Egg

Also struggling for popularity since 1989 is action star and all round hard guy Carlos Ray “Chuck” Norris – who is also the star of his own easter egg. I don’t know about you but I’m starting to see a 1980’s pattern emerging here! Anyway if you head over and search for our Chuck you get a Chuck Norris “fact”:

chuck norris knowledge graph easter egg 1

The best thing about the Chuck Norris easter egg? It changes every time you search:

chuck norris knowledge graph easter egg 3

chuck norris knowledge graph easter egg 4

chuck norris knowledge graph easter egg 5

Want to see them in the wild? Click on the following links:

Chuck Norris on Google’s Knowledge Graph

Lionel Richie on Google’s Knowledge Graph

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