This may be new to you:  a video embedded in a Google AdWords advertisement appearing right in the search results.

The video advert contains the trailer for the film Wanderlust, triggered by my rather general search for the phrase “movies”:

Video in Google AdWords
Click on the ad and it expands, and Google uses a lightbox to display the content, overlaying the video on top of the search results:

google media ads
This is a new ad format that apparently has been around for more than a year, but clearly it hasn’t reached the rock that I live under!

You can find information about this ad format in the Google Ad Innovations, which states this ad format is still in Limited Release.

Here is how it works:

  • the advertiser doesn’t pick keywords; the ads are triggered automatically using the Google algorithm
  • the cost to the advertiser isn’t based on bidding like other advertisements.  Instead it is a flat rate fee
  • the advertising appears to be limited to a select group of advertisers, specifically major film studios
  • and finally, the video displays in a lightbox to give it a more “theatre like” experience.

You can learn more about this advertising format by clicking here and there is another announcement here.

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