Google Premier Partner Awards: We’ve been shortlisted in two categories

Posted on 12/07/2017 by Team Hallam

We have been shortlisted for the Display Innovation Award and Shopping Innovation Award in this year’s prestigious Google Premier Partner Awards.

Google Premier Partner Awards

These awards recognise the achievements of the very best digital marketing agencies and providers across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (EMEA).

Approximately 2,000 Partners were eligible to enter the awards, with only 90 Partners worldwide being shortlisted for the awards.

We are exceptionally pleased to see our work as a Google Premier Partner recognised in two of the six award categories.

Google Premier Partner: Display Innovation Award

Our Head of PPC, Owen Gill has been nominated for his innovative work with Roof Maker.

Roof Maker was looking to increase the call volume from visitors to the website, and turned to Hallam for help. The specialists at Hallam built an architecture of new AdWords Display Advertising campaigns with better defined structures and targeting, which allowed Roof Maker to reach a wider more relevant audience. This resulted in 143% increase in Return on Investment for the client.

“The Hallam campaign ticked all the boxes: driving higher volume of traffic to the website and dramatically increasing the number of sales calls directly attributable to this campaign” explains Owen.

You can read the full RoofMaker Display Innovation case study here.

Google Premier Partner: Shopping Innovation Award

Google Premier Partner Awards: Shopping Innovation
Our Head of Insights, Jonathan Ellins, has been nominated for his innovative Google Shopping campaign he delivers for Garden4Less.

Garden4Less was looking to optimise its online advertising for more than 15,000 products that it has in its inventory. A combination of keyword tiering, product tiering, dynamic automated bidding and custom bid adjusters allowed the whole account to be managed efficiently and effectively within the available timeframe. The client’s revenue from Google Shopping saw a 106% increase which doubled their profitability over the year.

“Hallam has applied several measures to make Google Shopping perform better for our clients and we now have time dedicated to innovation for paid advertising management” explains Jonny.



About the Google Premier Partner Awards

Hallam is part of a select group of digital specialists called Google Partners. This is a programme set up by Google specifically to help small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) get online and find new customers.

The full international list of shortlisted Partners can be found here.

To qualify, digital marketing agencies or professionals must first pass a series of exams, and prove their expertise in using and applying Google’s advertising products.

“Becoming a Google Partner shows prospective clients you have what it takes to help them grow online,” explains Helene Ambiana, Head of Google Partners. “For small businesses that have just started out, or even larger firms yet to take their first step online, it’s reassuring to know they’re working with a reputable provider that’s approved by Google.”

The six winners from EMEA will be announced at Google’s award ceremony in Dublin, Ireland, this September.

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Google Premier Partner Awards: We’ve been shortlisted in two categories

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