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Google is tweaking the appearance of the AdWords advertising in the search results…. again. Let’s take a peak at what they are testing.

We are all familiar with the AdWords adverts appearing at the top of the results and down the right hand margin of the search engine results page (SERPs.)

In the USA, Google is currently testing a new AdWords layout that strongly signals advertising content via a new yellow Ad icon. Our friends over at Moz have provided us with a screen grab of the current testing.

Moz Google Ads Format

There are a number of subtle changes going on in the new AdWords layout:

  • The bright yellow Ad symbol draws attention to the advertising content, most likely to comply with the demands of regulators
  • But the yellow or buff coloured background behind the adverts has now disappeared; the whole background is white
  • A thin grey line separates the advertising results from the organic results
  • The text saying “Ads related to [your search query]” is now gone
  • Google has removed the bit of text giving an approximation such as “About 7,630,000 results”

 Mobile Adverts Changing, Too

Ginny Marvin at Search Engine Land has spotted the same distinctive yellow layout on the mobile search results as well:

New AdWords Format for Mobile Adverts

Adverts in the Footer

Frank Watson at Search Engine Watch has spotted adverts appearing at the bottom of the results, and these are in addition to the adverts appearing at the top of the search results page.  Gone are any suggestions for related terms, or the ability to conduct a new search:


adwords at bottom of results



Going Slightly Off Topic: Other AdWords types

Whilst we’re talking about Google AdWords, I thought I would also share with you other advertising types.  You are probably less familiar with other AdWords advertising formats such as the comparison advertising for credit cards

google adwords credit cards


If you click through on the Compare Credit Cards option, a much more sophisticated set of options appears:

google adwords comparison ads

Google Comparison advertising is currently in Beta and only available to selected advertisers, particularly in the financial services:

adwords remortgage


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