A very quick post: what is happening to Google’s market share in the UK?  It is dropping…. a bit.

Experian’s HitWise service reports Google’s share of searches for January 2013 at 88.15%, representing a steadily downward trickle in search share.  The smaller search engines picking up fractions of a percent.

That means Google is experiencing an annualised drop of 3.18%

Google Market Share 2013

Google’s market share may be dropping, but we still love searching.  The overall volume of searches year on year is up 18% for January.

Bing’s market share rises to 5.9%. With 2.7 billion searches a month that may be a small proportion, but still a lot of searches!

An alternative to Google

Why not try some alternative search engines, for example Duck Duck Go

Google Market Share Source:  Experian Hitwise


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