What Google users in the USA see is quite different to our British view as delivered by Google UK.  I’m just back from a holiday to the States, and honest guv, I wasn’t working, but I couldn’t help but see some Google developments that might be coming our way soon.

Something Different

Try searching for “Pizza” and Google now suggests Something Different, in this case for the American market, it would be fried chicken, nachos, or lasgna.  Any suggestions for our British variants?  Curry, kebabs, or sushi?

Google Something Different

I just couldn’t resist a few other searches:

Here’s Something Different for David Cameron:

But the one I found most interesting, search for Google, and the Something Different recommendations do not include a very well known search engine beginning with the letter B (ing)


Pages Similar To

The search results are now including another section called Pages Similar To, which you could previously find using Google’s Info command

Keeping on our Bing theme, can you spot the missing search engine which could possibly appear as being similar to Bing?

similar to bing

Flight Information

This one has been around for a while, but Google in the USA is still better at showing flight information:


Local IP Addresses

And finally, the greater accuracy of IP addresses in the USA (the address your computer gives to identify where you are) means a generic search for a word like “weather” means Google is able  to provide a precise weather focus specifically tailored for my own Zipcode:


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One response to “Google UK vs Google USA”

  1. Katie says:

    I’ve also been seeing reports of many exciting new features for AdWords users stateside that folks back here in Britain are still waiting for – or that are only creeping in sporadically. Show Products from this Advertiser for example.

    Guess in Google’s eyes us Brits are still a poor relation!

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