Who is a failure? According to Google, it’s George Bush:

Yup, Googlebombs are back.

A Googlebomb is a deliberate effort to force a website to the top of the search results for an inappropriate phrase by manipulating the inbound links.

Quite simply, there will a significant number of websites sending links to the White House having anchor text with the concept of failure in it. This is an example of such a link: failure.

A year ago I wrote how Google was diffusing the Googlebomb phenomenon, but clearly it lives on. Google occasionally will diffuse a Googlebomb, removing the hapless site from the top of the rankings.

It probably isn’t simply a case of anchor text any more, but also the context and relevancy of the articles pointing to the White House. And there have been some genuine White House failures here and there, eh?

What does this all mean for us as small businesses?

You need to get links to your website containing keyword rich anchor text. Typically, inbound links will have your company name, or your website address as the anchor text.

Your keyword rich link will say Search Engine Optimisation Nottingham instead of Hallam Communications.

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  1. Mike Hunter says:

    Hi Susan

    With the greatest of respect to the White House, I like the “French military victories” one more, not sure if you’ve seen it. If you type the phrase “French military victories” into Google, the black sheep page still comes up as third, with a spoof Google page suggesting there are no results, did you mean French military defeats? You then get a history of why the French (allegedly) never won anything!

    You have a good point about anchor text though.



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