Google has been on a rampage recently, having a clear out of the old tools and services that are no longer being maintained or are just a little bit useless. Even though they appear to be streamlining it was a pleasure to see them having fun the other week with a little Easter Egg called ‘do a barrel roll’.

For those who are not familiar with Easter Eggs they are little surprises and are intentional hidden secrets and  in jokes  that you can accidentally stumble across on the web, on DVD’S and computer games. Google has a reputation for littering their site with these Easter Eggs and in the middle of their biggest cull ever is was pleasant to see them being irreverent.

What follows are the latest Google Easter Eggs and some of their greatest hits. So grab a coffee, put away the SEO plan, hide form the boss, have a little fun and share these Easter Eggs with you friends and co-workers…

1. Do a Barrel Roll

Simply head over to Google and type ‘do a barrel roll’ into Google and see what happens. For those of you who cant do that at this exact moment here is a video of what happens:

2. Tilt

In a similar vein to the barrel roll pop ’tilt’ or ‘askew’ into Google and see what happens:

Google easter egg. Look what happens when you type in tilt.

3. The answer to life, the universe and everything

For anyone who has read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (or indeed watched the TV series or seen the film) you may be familiar with this one. Type into Google ‘The answer to life, the universe and everything’ and you will be provided with the answer that Douglas Adams came up with:

Google Easter Egg- Douglas Adams

3. What is an anagram?

Not all of the Easter Eggs have been put in there by the worlds best paid geeks. It appears that some of the Google staff enjoy the beauty of language as well. Head over to Google and pop in the word ‘anagram’ to see the following:

google anagram easter egg

4. Recursion

Are you familiar with the word recursion and its meaning? If not you will be after a quick Google search:

Find out what recursion is with this Google Easter Egg

5. Google Gravity

This little Easter Egg is pretty amazing so I have provided a little video for you to see it in action. You can even click on the links after they have fallen.

Here is the link if yoo want to try it yourself:

6. Some alternative versions of Google:

Google Pirate

Type in to the address bar of your browser:

Get the pirate version of Google

Google Hacker

Type in to the address bar of your browser:

Google Easter Egg Hacker

Google Pig Latin

Type in to the address bar of your browser:

Google easter egg - pig latin



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