Google’s Easter Eggs and Hidden Jokes

Posted on 08/04/2020 by Team Hallam

Who says Google doesn't have a sense of humour? Google has a reputation for quietly hiding little games and special features known as "Easter Eggs", and here we share with you some of our favourites.

Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a few of Google’s best Easter Eggs and hidden jokes.



1. Do a Barrel Roll

Head over to the Google search box and type in the phrase ‘do a barrel roll’ and watch and see what happens. For those of you who can’t do it at this exact moment, here’s a little video


2. Friends

There is one Easter Egg featuring each of the characters from the TV show Friends.

Type in the name of your favourite character, and click on the icon on the right in the Knowledge Graph. Here’s Phoebe’s – and make sure you have your sound on!

And don’t forget to see Joey, Monica, Chandler, Rachel and Ross, too

Friends Phoebe Buffay

There are lots of Easter Eggs  hidden in the Knowledge Graph icons. Try searching for

  • Super Mario Brothers
  • Thanos


3. The Google calculator knows the answer to life, the universe and everything

For anyone who has read the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (or indeed watched the TV series or seen the film) you may be familiar with this one. Type into Google ‘The answer to life, the universe and everything’ and you will be provided with the answer that Douglas Adams came up with, alongside the calculator Google used to find the answer:

The answer to life the universe and everything

And the Google calculator is also able to determine What is the loneliest number?

1 is the lonelinest number


And the calculator can also help you figure out

4.  Animal sounds

Want to know what noise a butterfly makes? Or what a lizard sounds like? Or an anteater? Google knows.

Search for animal sounds.

google animal sounds

5. Take your chances with Google Gravity

Oh dear. Despite operating in a digital world, Google is subject to gravity like the rest of us.

Go to, and type in the phrase Google gravity and press the I’m Feeling Lucky  button

This little Easter Egg is pretty amazing so I have provided a little video for you to see it in action. You can even click on the links after they have fallen.

Here is the link if you want to try it yourself:

6. Feeling bored? Play games with Google

Google has a number of games built right into the interface for those moments you can’t bear to do any more work. There are a number of arcade games for you, and you can compete with others and appear on the Google leader board.

Try typing in

  • play solitaire
  • atari breakout
  • play pacman
  • play minesweeper
  • flip a coin
  • play tic tac toe
  • play snake
  • play driedel
  • sonlc the hedgehog video game
  • Zerg Rush

7. Draw a love heart

Type this phrase into Google to impress the mathematical love of your life:


google heart

8. Askew

In a similar vein to the barrel roll pop type in ‘askew’ into Google and you’ll see those results go ever so slightly… askew.

Google Askew

9. What is an anagram?

Not all of the Easter Eggs have been put in there by the worlds best paid geeks. It appears that some of the Google staff enjoy the beauty of language as well. Head over to Google and pop in the word ‘anagram’ and Google will tickle your funny bone:

Google anagram

10. And so many more Easter eggs…

  1. Type in blink html  and it… blinks
  2. Type breathing exercises when you are feeling stressed

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Google’s Easter Eggs and Hidden Jokes

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