Google’s latest changes to it’s search engine results is causing headaches for many small businesses. Codenamed “Jagger”, the changes have caused many websites to drop down the search engine rankings, and their Google PageRank reduced.

In a nutshell, Google has improved its ability to detect and punish artificial link building schemes. In brief, Google has devalued:

  • Creating many small interlinked websites designed to create numerous inbound links to manipulate a website’s PageRank. Google is now able to correlate all the sites a person or company knows
  • Participating in link farms with many identical links
  • “Off topic” recipricol links (in other words, just buying random, unrelated links)
  • “Add your link free” free-for-all weblinks

One other issue: Google is showing a general increase in rankings of older sites (more than 2 years old.)

Keep up the good work: rich content, quality links, on-page optimisation, and you may have actually seen benefit from these latest changes. My site did!

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