Google continues to experiment with improving its user search experience. You may be noticing more frequent appearance of related searches recommendations appearing at either the top or bottom of your Google search results.

I was hoping to dress my dog up like Darth Vader (as you do…), and Google gave me a handy list of related search suggestions to consider, including Darth Vader sounds, and Darth Vader quotes:

Later, I tried a search for “garden design”, and at the bottom of the page Google made the following 8 recommendations, and interestingly it came up with concept of “decking.”

Hint: think how these related search terms might guide and shape your search engine optimisation efforts; if Google thinks this is what users are looking for, who are we to argue?

These related searches have appeared at the bottom of the search engine results pages intermittently for quite a while now.

Try searching for a solicitor, and the related results suggestions are quite earnest:

But search instead for a lawyer, and Google knows you’re looking for jokes:

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