Google+ has introduced an exciting new feature. It’s called Collections, and it’s been designed to allow users with shared interests to connect with each other.

Essentially, Google+ Collections is a tool that allows posts, pictures, and videos to be grouped by subject.

How to Create a Collection on Google+

To create a collection, first sign into your businesses Google+ profile. Then go to the left hand side and click on the “Home” tab:

Goolge+ collections menu


Next, scroll down and click the “Collections” button. Select ‘Create”, then follow the instructions on screen to get started:

google+ collections create

When a user or page first creates a Collection, a new tab at the top of the profile will appear. You can choose who sees your Collections by setting them to be either public, private, or customised.

It’s possible to follow Collections, and posts from any Collections you follow will appear in your home stream.

You can add old posts to the Collections your business creates, though this feature is currently only accessible for Android and web users. If you delete a Collection, it is important to remember that all posts within that Collection will also be deleted.

The Benefits of Google+ Collections

  • Potential to get your business featured – Because this is a new feature, Google is keen to promote it. If your business is featured, you can look forward to increased traffic and brand awareness.
  • Target specific demographics and user interests – Creating a collection that’s tailored to a specific interest is a great way to get customers to visit the posts that are most relevant to them.
  • Trusted authority – When customers see that you are curating high quality content for your industry, not only are they more likely to return to your Collections, they’re also more likely to view you as a trustworthy expert in your sector.
  • Increase engagement –  Customers find it useful when information on one topic is easy to access. This feature may make it easier for you to better engage with existing followers.
  • Promote services and products – It’s also possible to customise your cover photo to better reflect your brand personality and values.

Featured Google+ Collections

If you want to see some examples of Collections, take a look at the “featured” section after clicking on the collections button:

Featured Collections on Goolge+

Have you tried using Google+ Collections for your business? Let us know what you think by commenting below!

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