We’re celebrating Halloween in the Hallam office and we’re in good company!

This year we were inspired by SEOmoz’s mascot, Roger mozBot. SEOmoz ran a poll for fans to decided which Halloween costume Roger should wear. As well as being fun is was also a great way to engage their audience, (clever SEOmoz)!

The Storm Trooper outfit won and while we do like that outfit, we wanted a Halloween Roger mascot of our own. So, let us introduce Roger Pumpkin Bot!

SEOmoz Roger   Scary Roger Pumpkin Bot

We’re a little bit scared of him at night…(!)

It seems the creativity of Team Hallam know no bounds! SEO, Internet Marketing and now, pumpkin carving extraordinaires!

Roger, if you’re reading this, we think you’re ‘fang’tastic! Happy Halloween!

Is your company doing anything to celebrate Halloween?

9 responses to “Happy Halloween Roger mozBot!”

  1. Susan Hallam Susan Hallam says:

    You neglected to mention, Sarah, that I bet you it would not be possible for you to execute this design.

    It turned out better than I imagined!

    I lose the bet.. and you win 10 pence…
    Don’t spend it all in one place!

  2. Dr. Pete says:

    Awesome – love it 🙂 I’m sure Roger will be pleased.

  3. Nick Sayers says:

    Awesome carving job! Roger is one of the best robots since R2D2 🙂

  4. Aaron says:

    That is one awesome pumpkin, guys! You definitely win the costume contest in my book. =)

  5. Miranda says:

    Wow!! That is excellent! Roger looks so slick on that pumpkin. Great carving work! : )

  6. Rand Fishkin says:

    This looks amazing! So excited you guys put this together. It went around the whole Moz offices today 🙂

    Have a great Halloween!

  7. Super good…
    Love the shading by pumpkin thickness.


    Happy Halloween!

  8. Niall Flynn says:

    Epic! These are a lot harder to do than they look, tres cool 🙂

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