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Do you want to check to see if your LinkedIn password has been stolen?  Mine was hacked.

  1. How do I know it was hacked?
  2. What should I do?

What a nuisance.  LinkedIn have announced that their password records have been stolen. 6.5 million passwords were released onto a Russian cybercrime forum.

If your password was stolen then LinkedIn will disable your password, and will be sending you an email with instructions how to reset your password.

More importantly, I suspect many of you (like me) use the same password for more than one Internet service.  So now I need to go and change other passwords, too…

Do you want to check if your password was hacked?

LastPass have made available a Linkedin stolen password checker that lets you know if your password appears on the leaked password list.

I popped in my old password and up this popped:

linkedin password stolen

And then I put in my new shiny password just to be doubly sure:

test to see if linkedin password stolen

Managing your passwords

One option is to use a password management service like LastPass.  I have not used it previously, and the time has come for me to move onto a platform like this.  If you use it already, I would love to hear your feedback.

Microsoft have produced a guide to creating secure passwords.


5 responses to “Has My LinkedIn Password been Hacked? ps – my password was stolen…”

  1. I was lucky enough to miss out on being one of those 6.5 million. Change my password regardless.

    I am a serious advocate of using unique passwords for any type of account considered to house confidential information. I use LastPass, as well as a manual spreadsheet, to help me manage my passwords. LastPass is absolutely awesome. I highly recommend using it.

    • Susan Hallam Susan Hallam says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I’ve been sorting passwords out with LastPass today, and seems to work a treat.

      And glad to hear you updated your LinkedIn password as a precautionary measure!

  2. Hazel Edmunds aka @careersinfo says:

    Like Michael I use a different secure password for every site that contains any personal information but I have my own management system. For example: LinkedIn might be (it isn’t and wasn’t) m31g12m19s54 which is my little brother’s initials and his date of birth.

  3. Jeremy DT says:

    Thank you for this. I had never heard of LastPass and I am now in the process of setting up on it. Appreciate it, Jeremy

  4. ozi says:

    lastpass says mo password wasn’t compromised. but right after the theft, my friends sent me e-mails sayin that i sent them spam e-mails. i changed my password but it happened twice! i don’t think that the list is reliable.

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