Having a company blog can be great for your SEO, positioning yourself as an authority in your niche and giving your company a human face…but knowing what to write can be tough.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of blogging or a complete novice you may find yourself stuck for inspiration sometimes. Here are some tips on finding blogging inspiration.

1. Have a blog specific notebook. This is one of the best things that I ever decided to do – there is nothing else cluttering it up – no meeting notes, no link building ideas, just blog post ideas and some accompanying notes. If you are more web based may I suggest Evernote, its a great tool that allows you to clip and save any kind of blogging inspiration and then you can access it from any computer or mobile device (almost any!).  For complete organisation I use a combination of the two.

Here is a quick introduction to Evernote:

2. Listen to your customers. They will tell you what you need to write about. What are the common problems that your customers and prospective customers encounter? What don’t they know how to do? Where are they struggling? What cant they find the answer to? Run polls, email them, ask them in person. Use your notebook  or Evernote and jot them down.

3. Keep an eye on the competitors. What are they writing about? Which blog posts connect with their audience? Don’t steal ideas but you may be able to put a different spin on what they are saying. Are they using video or images to enhance their posts? This is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd by going that extra mile.

You can also use some of the tools that I have talked about in the Yahoo Site Explorer Alternatives to see which of your competitors blog posts get the most traction with links. If you want to get a quick impression of how the competitors blog post are doing in the world of social media you may want to check out a service like Topsy.

4. Use Google Suggest. Head over to Google and start typing (use words like how, why, can, when and include some of your industry keywords) and Google will show you what people are searching for right now – just make sure that you get it all in your notebook. Before you know it you will have more than you know what do with!

Use Google for blogging ideasGet your blog ideas from Google Suggest

I hope that gives you a few ideas for gathering blogging inspiration and making sure that you are producing the right kind of content for your readers.

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