How long does it take for your site to make an impact on the Google search results?

3 hours.

Last week’s little experiment optimising for the phrase SEO Lincolnshire Rutland gave some rather outstanding results. It has been a very interesting example of the efficiency of Google spidering.

The blog posting was ranking in third position in Google within three hours, and took top position within 24 hours.

As of today, just one week later, seven of the top 10 positions are occupied with various scrapings and permutations of the posting. An interesting technique for crowding out the competition. Although I’m not very happy about the scrapers.

Nevertheless, do NOT lose site of the fact this is not a great phrase to optimise for, nor is it a competitive phrase that requires a lot of hard work.

But I do have had other anecdotal reports from clients who see just how fast the Google results can change, including this lovely testimonial from Caricaturist Richard Ellis:

I would just like to thank you for the advice given at your course.
I have to admit it took me a little while to getting the job done,
but once I had put some of your suggestions into practice,
my site soared from page 6 to page 1 of the Google organic rankings
in the space of three days!
This has to be one of the best investments I have ever made.

And many thanks to Guy Gregory who let me know just how quickly the blog posting was being picked up by Google.

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